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Monkey Love Fishy


Hey you guys :D I don't want you to be offended or anything. 

So my fanfic is Eunhae~ There's some parts where some people might call me an Anti-SONE or whatever, but here's the truth, I'm not. I LOVE YOONA, SOOYOUNG AND SEOHYUN :D I don't even hate Jessica, although 99999999% of you will be like YOU HATE JESSICA! I love Jessica, I think she's so pretty and so awesome. 

Next, I love everyone and I mean EVERYONE in Super Junior. 

Kays, next is a lot of my story comes from the plot from ifallelsefail's Neorago It's You. CHECK IT OUT HERE http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/8358/neorago-it-s-you-donghae-eunhae-eunhyuk OH CHECKMATE!! has Yoona and Kyu~


I am not as talented as she is, but she has given me permission to ahem, "pirate" her idea. I LOVE YOU <3

And I think that's about it.  OH and Chapter Titles are sorta important... I put a little effort into them, so please appreciate!


It's my first fanfic ^-^ So if you want to comment along the way of the story, PLEASE DO! I love doing that and I hope you won't wait until the end to comment. I wold love some feedback :D OH and one more thing I forgot to mention, this is during Bonamana times, but I included Hangeng a bit and Kangin because I love them :D

And the chapters are short because I'm just transferring from Microsoft Word. LOVE YOU ALL~


I wanna love you~
I can't live without you~

This is my love story. As cliched as it is, it's something that has to be told.

Fishy Loves Monkey

Monkey Loves Fishy


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OYNj1usC-4 This is for the fans~


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Starlight_21 #1
Chapter 40: Really good story. All those emotional roller coasters! D: So, happy Eunhae ended up together! <3
Yukiharu86 #2
Chapter 39: WOOOOOAAAHHHHHH :D this is story very beautiful~~~
I love this story^^
I really enjoy when I read ^^
Oh I'm forget!!! hii I'm new reader thanks for this story
this is great and amaaaazzzzzing ^^~~~ I love it
haehyukkkum #3
Chapter 19: What wrong with her?
Just let them alone
FoolFool149 #4
Chapter 39: Ermagherd. I will never look at Eunhae in the same way again. Just. Plain. Ermagherd.
nahyukhaegi #5
Chapter 40: Nice fic! B-but the drama is too much for me;~~~~~;
But it's still good! Just lemme punch jess once for whats she doing to our eunhae ^^
Anyway, new reader here, nice to meet you ;)
kindie #6
nice fic~!
eunnahaela #7
love the ending but hate the drama
going to read the sequel
hyaku_rei #8
( ^__^)/.....
just finished reading all the chappie... love the story but really hate the drama.... n how eunhae hide feeling from each other just making my heart ache.. anyway... its have a good ending...
ok..off to read sequel
jiyeon94 #9
I kinda like your story but there's SOOO MUCH DRAMA
monniefish #10
Kkk~ the ending.. "monkey love fishy"
Awesome story !!
I like it how Kyu and Yoona spied Jessica and also the confession part..
Guess I'll read the sequel then ^w^