Office Antics



[office!au] Twelve guys and one software startup. Baekhyun’s that new guy, Chanyeol's the guy who falls for the new guy, Kyungsoo has pedo problems, Junmyeon's the oblivious CEO, Kris is the cutthroat CFO, Yixing’s out to get more vacation time, Tao’s a receptionist (sorta), Minseok is a closeted romantic, Jongin’s the intern that actually does stuff, Sehun’s the intern that doesn’t, and Luhan and Jongdae just like messing around.  


Hi, uh this is my first fic. 

Office Antics is a series of ficlets in this office vers. It was originally going to be a 5k thing that I was going to post as a one-shot, but then the plot lines kind of exploded. I don't really have an end plan for it right now, but I have quite a handful of chapters drafted and planned. 

I started this as writing practice, then continued it as emotional therapy after reading some depressing baekyeol/kaisoo fanfics.

It's definitely inspired by The Office, so if you see stuff here that you think you recognize, you probably do. 

Thanks for reading, if you read it. 



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fatho9691 #1
Hello dear friend!I am ohsehunfansfiction's website translator.I want to translate Office Antics 's fiction and for this action,i need to your permission.May you let me?
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 6: Chapter 6: By finding this fic I freel like i just won from the lottery. Really. It is just the beginning and I am already cracking. Let's just sit and enjoy the "40 Minutes of Gucci" by Tao.(:◎)≡
seokminz #3
Chapter 19: i'm in love with this story honestly, i always find myself re-reading it every day because of how much i like it.
although it is discontinued now, i'm very grateful that you provided outlines/rough drafts for the remainder of the plot line! i really like how everything turned out in the end :)

i hope you're doing well, i'll definitely keep coming back to this story <3
Da-AWESOME-girl #4
Chapter 19: I loved this story! I laughed a whole bunch and looked forward to every chapter. :D

Though it was sad to hear that it would be discontinued, I'm glad that there were outlines and rough drafts for the other chapters and the plot. That was enough for me. It's kind of you to include that so at least we get to see the thought behind the remaining chapters and the ending. ^u^
I also can't blame you because you know, stuff just happens and sometimes we just want to move on in life. ^u^

But anyways, I simply loved it! Each character has their own quirks and personality which either blend or clash with each other perfectly~
Sometimes I would find myself snickering, wondering how they got into that situation. Their life sounds much thrilling than mine! XD

Thank you for this story~ It gave me a barrel of laughter and I can definitely see myself looking back to this whenever I need something to smile to. :D

I wish you a life of happiness author-nim~ :) <3
mkrfymkr #5
Chapter 9: funniest thing I've read hahaha
cozof2pm #6
juste546 #7
such great fic, too bad it ended just like this :/
jeonghanism #8
I miss this so much. :'(
kamikze1512 #9
...aaaaaanddd im back for the 5th time