Office Antics



[office!au] Twelve guys and one software startup. Baekhyun’s that new guy, Chanyeol's the guy who falls for the new guy, Kyungsoo has pedo problems, Junmyeon's the oblivious CEO, Kris is the cutthroat CFO, Yixing’s out to get more vacation time, Tao’s a receptionist (sorta), Minseok is a closeted romantic, Jongin’s the intern that actually does stuff, Sehun’s the intern that doesn’t, and Luhan and Jongdae just like messing around.  


Hi, uh this is my first fic. 

Office Antics is a series of ficlets in this office vers. It was originally going to be a 5k thing that I was going to post as a one-shot, but then the plot lines kind of exploded. I don't really have an end plan for it right now, but I have quite a handful of chapters drafted and planned. 

I started this as writing practice, then continued it as emotional therapy after reading some depressing baekyeol/kaisoo fanfics.

It's definitely inspired by The Office, so if you see stuff here that you think you recognize, you probably do. 

Thanks for reading, if you read it. 



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plumpjellyfish 0 points #1
Chapter 9: this is amazing
kimsohyunlove #2
Cant wait to read this❤
zyxinged #3
I guess, this is one of the time when i really want to re-read for the nth times
Chapter 6: The Bonus Chapter (was golden)! Hahahaha... Are these just random ideas or do you take them from show (The Office?) I don't care either way. They're hilarious.
Chapter 5: This one... wow. Pore Jongdae. hahaha... And Luhan's a creeper. Wow... again wow.
Chapter 4: Just YES to all of this.
Chapter 3: Ahahahaha! This chapter was great! Pore Chanyeol (wait what? Pore Baekhyun... but you can never not feel sorry for Chanyeol)... ;P
Chapter 1: I was laughing from the very beginning and by the end I was rolling. Subscribed. I can already tell this is going to be worth the read.