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CHAPTER 7 - chapter image

Baekhyun POV :

I was walking in school, early in the morning, when suddenly I saw a familiar figure.

'Yah! Chanyeol! What are you doing here?' I said as I walked towards my friend who smiled at me.

'Same as you! I'm here for the performance!' He said enthusiastic.

'Oh, really!? That's awsome! So you'll sing with me?' I asked.

'No, silly! I'll do a rap performance with Kris!' Chanyeol said as he smiled brighter then before.


'Oh...Really...?' I felt dissapointed.

Why do I feel so...jealous?


He's just my best friend, that's it


Hello? Did you listen?' Chanyeol asked with a confused expression.

'Huh? Oh, sorry, I was thinking about something.' said as I faked a smile.

Chanyeol returned the smile and patted my shoulder, 'Don't think too much, Bacon. You could have some serious brain damage!'

I chuckled,'So what were you saying?'

'I asked what song you're going to sing this noon?' He repeated himself.

'Oh, I'll sing a song I wrote with Kyungsoo, Luhan and Chen. It's called 'What is love'...I hope you'll like it.' I explained.

'Of course I'll like it, Bacon! So... Is there someone special you wrote the song for?' He asked enthusiastic.

I felt my cheeks heat up.




We turned our heads to face Kris.

I felt a bit angry that he interupted us so rudely.

But I didn't have much time to be angry because suddenly I saw Chanyeol running towards him.

What the?

''Why are you late?!! I waited for like...5 MINUTES!' Kris told Chanyeol as he raised his voice.

'I'm sorry, I was distracted, but I'm here now! Let's go!' Chanyeol answered while smiling bright.

I felt my heart sink.

Is he that happy to see Kris?

Kris turned to face me.

I smiled politely.

Kris did the same.

Then he turned his back to me and walked away with Chanyeol.

He didn't even said goodbye...

Like I didn't excist...


Sorry this is such a shorty again!! FORGIVE ME! :(
I had to work alot today so I'm really tired... But I tried my best to make this chapter because I promised it! 
I promise next chapter will be much longer!! Oh, It will be TaoRis POV again...Maybe...Kris'?? 
The next 'special chapter' will be HunHan but I'm not sure when I'm going to write that one.

I'm very sorry if this chap seems sad or something, but I promise you, there is NO KrisYeol in this ff!!


Oh, and in the next chapter I'll answer your questions, or comment on your comments ^^


Oh and please, if you have a problem, or a request or and idea... COMMENT! 


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Hope u update ^3^

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yes i see what you did there!!! I cant believe they are going to have a comeback AHHHHH Im dying just waiting for it, i already watch the teaser and its sooooo goood!!!!! I luv Tao' teaser photo <3
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