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Thank you!
I'll close this postershop (but I promise, I'm going to open it again later with new concept). I'm really sorry I couldn't finished your request.
Thank you for all subcribers and our amazing designer. Love you all~
Please always support us. Thank you so much!!!
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Target 500 votes by this year. Can you help me guys?

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♦Title of Fanfic: The Sin your Eyes Prevail
♦Fanfic URL:
♦Quote: just kinda thought of this. i plan for it to have some angst in it :)
♦Summary/Storyline: byun baekhyun is married to anh hee yeon and is in love with her. until, baekhyun realizes he is gay, and has no interest in her
♦Theme/Mood of Poster: romance, drama
♦Character Name and Picture Link:




♦Extra: can you make it appear as infidelity? because baekhyun is cheating on hani with chanyeol in the story. like, dark romance, kinda to match the title. also, if you can find better pictures to resemble my image, great! :D <3

♦Designer : vickyeowl
♦How to Contact: AFF
Hello, can I check if its okat to request for a poster even if the story isn't published yet? It's currently a draft that I'm working on. Thanks :)
snsd4ever2524 #3
♦Author name: snsd4ever2524
♦Title of Fanfic: this ghost is weird
♦Fanfic URL: not yet published
♦Quote: What the pinneapple is going on with with my life
♦Summary/Storyline: A girl that dies in an accident to find her self going back in time and changing a cold hearted CEO
♦Theme/Mood of Poster: Funny
♦Character Name and Picture Link: infinite (l), snsd (sooyoung "with her pink short hair"),seventeen (vernon)
♦Designer : misfits
♦How to Contact: AFF
Hello love, I'm sorry to say I'm canceling my request [Coffee Shop College Girl]. You seem really busy and I don't want to add to your stress. I'll come back when you've had time to relax.
yayasyahmina759 #5
Sorry but I cancelled my request.Sorry! :(
i'm sorry but i'm cancelling the request for chenshine and daelight scenario shop! sorry for all the inconvenience!
♦Author name: shinigami_aim
♦Title of Fanfic: Chenshine and Daelight Scenario Shop
♦Fanfic URL: not yet published
♦Quote: For you, and your bias!
♦Summary/Storyline: It's a request shop. I hope you accept it.
♦Theme/Mood of Poster: Fluffy, sweet, cute
♦Character Name and Picture Link: Chen of EXO? Since this is dedicated for him to, so.. yeah but u dont hv to put his name in the poster
♦Extra: I'd like the colours to be pastel-ish? And fun!
♦Designer : any designer would do
♦How to Contact: AFF
picked up! thank you!
I'm cancelling the La Vie D'un Freak request...
Thank you