Bad Boys

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Baekhyun likes to live a little dangerous. Luhan, not so much. Somewhere along the line they end up sleeping together.



Title: Bad Boys

Chapters: Oneshot

Pairings: Baekhyun/Luhan

Rating: NC-17

Genre:  I think..

Warnings: adult content, recreational drug use

a/n: lol i started writing this at five in the morning and i have no idea where it came from.

ps. sorry steph


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kimchi137 #1
Chapter 1: liked this story.. :)) it would be fine to have more BaekHyun and LuHan fanfics.. :D
devonlee #2
Chapter 1: Re-reading cause I've been in desperate need of some baekhan with top Baekhyun (cause top Lu is my least favorite sin lol). I hope one day you get inspired to write another story for this couple again because I absolutely adore your writing!~ :D
Miawitch_1002 #3
Chapter 1: first BaekHan fic that i read, i want MOARrrrrr
hunhanballz #4
Chapter 1: You should write another BaekHan. :)

Loved this, and rereading it a year later.
920506Baekhyun #5
Baekhyun ON TOP~!! >_< I hope you make many FF with BaekHan cast :D
ExoMTaoris #6
Chapter 1: Baeklu is so cute together.
byunbebek #7
Chapter 1: i ship baekhan...coz theyre my top2...
but never in romantic way...coz all fic i read before pairing them as bestfriend...
its little weird at firts....but the whole story is good written......
auni5701 #8
Chapter 1: I'm starting to ship baekhan,baeklu..,baek on top?hahaha..thanks author-nim!!XD
BlackPaperMoon #9
Chapter 1: I wish this had chapters ;~; I need me some more baeklu like this <3
mydearfriendjes #10
Chapter 1: Wooow, that was hot TwT
You surely are the president of the bottom Luhan club.