Bad Boys

Bad Boys
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a/n: i'm going to update Seconds i promise ok even if it will be the death of me. in the mean time enjoy this :D oh yeah and as is little side note, i'm going to change my username soon to annafeu so that it matches my lj and tumblr. just so you know. you may proceed~








“I said don’t want to go.”


Baekhyun frowns, crossing his arms across his chest. This is the third time he’s tried today. Luhan is always like this whenever he suggests things, turning away from his ideas like they’re the plague. But that only makes Baekhyun all the more eager to persist.


“Hyung please, it will be fun. We’ve been working so hard these days, and you’ve been flying around so much, and I just thought that maybe we could try-”


“I’m not accompanying you into some club so you can fill yourself with toxins and swallow pills of death,” Luhan remarks, looking away from him and back to the uninteresting show on the TV. Something about cooking. Luhan can’t even cook. What an .






Somehow they end up in the middle of a crowded dance floor on a Saturday later that week, music blasting their ear drums apart and lights blinding them.


“I can’t believe I agreed to this,” Luhan sighs, glancing around nervously as if he might get trampled on. Baekhyun slings an arm around his shoulder and leans back in the stuffy smell of the atmosphere, feeling ecstatic.


“Hey, I needed a partner in crime. We have to live a little while we’re still young you know,” Baekhyun assures him, eyes tracing the room for a familiar hotspot. Luhan shrugs, glancing around for other reasons entirely.


When he spots what he’s after, Baekhyun points in that general direction and convinces Luhan to follow him over.


“Where are we going?” Luhan asks as they approach a platinum blonde girl with a mini-skirt that displays her whole and a lot more for viewer convenience.


“Weed,” Baekhyun mumbles back at him, eagerly greeting the lady and striking up a conversation with her before Luhan can whine.


He emerges successful; his hand stuffed with a plastic bag and a box of thin papers, walking them both over to a corner before sitting down to begin his work. Luhan scrunches his nose in distaste and Baekhyun laughs, ignoring his obvious disapproval of the matter.


“If I knew better, I would tell manager hyung about this,” Luhan says half-heartedly, standing completely still while Baekhyun works. Baekhyun ignores him and finishes up his treat, fishing out a red lighter from his pockets and lighting the tip.


Luhan’s face is still blank, his mouth drawn into a line. “Where did you even get that?”


Baekhyun looks up at him. “What, my lighter? Always had it,” he says, aware that he doesn’t always parade it at home, but he had thought the stench of his clothes would have given him away by now.


As soon as he’s had a nice, long puff, Baekhyun looks up and offers it to Luhan, who shakes his head profusely.


“Come on, it’s less dangerous than cigarettes,” he tries, rolling his eyes at Luhan’s prim behaviour.


“I’m not even trying cigarettes,” Luhan scrunches his nose again, and Baekhyun remembers how used to the smell he has become, and how overpowering it must be for the other. He started about a year ago, and once he did he didn’t want to turn back. It made everything so much more fun, suddenly the world would have colours that he’d only ever seen before in his wildest dreams.


“Only a bit hyung, please. This was expensive, and I meant some to be for you,” he presses, waving it  around a little so that embers fly about.


Luhan bites his lip in thought for a few seconds before he takes it out of Baekhyun’s fingers, rolling it around in his own like it’s of an alien species.


“Inhale it slowly at first,” Baekhyun advises, eyeing him playfully. He’s excited for this, if anything.


Luhan goes for it, not doing as bad a job as he’d predicted, until he starts coughing and slouches over.


“Easy, hyung, easy. You have to try it again, I think you did it wrong,” he lies, knowing Luhan has done it completely right, but the more he has the more relaxed he will be, and that is all Baekhyun needs right now. Luhan inhales a couple more times, and by the third time, he’s managed to stop the coughing fit.


“What am I supposed to feel?” Luhan asks, handing the blunt back to Baekhyun, who cradles it like it's made of glass.


“It’ll come to you,” Baekhyun shrugs, feeling pretty light-headed himself. It’s always a little slow at first.


He sits and enjoys the remainder of it for a little while, his eyes drawn to the embers at the tip. He mulls over Luhan’s reaction to the drug for a while. The elder seems to have slowed down a little bit, but not the ‘calming of nerves’ sort, more of the ‘dumbed down’ sort. Either way his company is looking a lot more easy going. After a few more minutes, Luhan looks a little off and a little too pale, but Baekhyun knows it takes a while to get used to. Things are looking up already.


“Feeling good?” He asks. Luhan doesn’t respond until the second time he asks him, shrugging his shoulders and looking out aimlessly at the crowd of people who are dancing. At least the drug has had some effect. He was getting worried that he’d paid for lousy quality.


He gets up and stretches, following Luhan’s gaze to the crowd. There are a lot of pretty people there tonight, men and women alike. He feels elated as he watches their sweaty bodies move together on the floor, blending in with the music and the million spotlight colours. It looks a little like a painting maybe. A moving painting. A film?


When he looks back to Luhan, he sees him trembling slightly, his vision unfocused and not really observing the crowd at all. Pity. Baekhyun always managed to keep his wits about him under the influence. He just hopes he doesn’t have to babysit him. He wants to have fun tonight.


He decides they should dance a little, thinking a little exercise will shake them loose, and pulls Luhan with him to the dance floor, moving steadily to the beat as soon as they reach it. He tries to touch up against as many people as he can, because weed doesn’t help his libido in the slightest. He vaguely sees a handsome man wink at him from somewhere in the cluster of people, and continues to move his body sensually, teasing whoever is watching.


Suddenly the music slows, and then everything around him slows a little too. His mind is having a hard time working things out, and he thinks he remembers talking to some people, maybe going a few places, picking a few things up, until he sees Luhan in the crowd again and heads over to him. Luhan is still trembling from the weed, but Baekhyun thinks their fun has just started. Everybody is a bit shaky their first time, it's no big deal. Luhan is older than him anyways, so technically he should be able to handle it.


But there's still one thing he wants to try, and it doesn't become easier when he sees it in someone's hands across the room, the pills dull but glowing in the fluorescent light. They have his and Luhan's name on them. He can almost see the writing etched into the glowing white pebbles. They’re calling him.


He grabs Luhan's hand and pulls him to the other side of the room, shoving past drunk strangers and skimpy-dressed waitresses. They're his. He'll take them. One for him and one for Luhan. Perhaps two for him, he decides.


When he reaches the table he sought out he places a hand flat on the surface and puts on his best smile, thinking a little flirting will do the trick. The man who owns the stash of pills seems to think so too, especially when Baekhyun ‘casually’ mentions that he and his friend want to try it out for kicks; that they're looking for a little fun. The man laughs and says they can be his guest, scooting over on the couch with his entourage to make space for the two new boys. Luhan doesn't say anything, still phased and quite unresponsive, but the men don't seem to mind, just enjoying the company of two rather hot males who want to get ed out of their minds for the first time. It's always quite a show. Little do they know that this isn't Baekhyun's first time; far from it. Luhan, though, is another story.


He swallows his pill eagerly, waiting in glee as he feels it slip down his esophagus. He flips his hair out of his eyes and smiles at their new friends, showing his tongue and giggling. The others clap enthusiastically and take a few more shots, until suddenly their eyes are on Luhan, waiting for him to do the same.


Luhan is sitting beside him, eyes half lidded and head tilted down. Baekhyun gulps, moving forward quickly and cupping Luhan's cheeks, pulling him to the side so that they're facing each other. He taps his face lightly, watching Luhan's lids flutter and his pupils widen. Luhan's hand comes up to his arm quietly, and Baekhyun shivers at how icy cold they are. He d Luhan's cheek with his thumb and presses a soft kiss to Luhan's lips, knowing the show will be much appreciated by the people watching them. Luhan whines.


"It's alright, hyung. You're okay. We'll just try it, we'll just try it," he hears himself purr, breathing it obscenely into Luhan's ear and simultaneously moving lips down to lavishly kiss his sweaty neck. It feels almost like Luhan is having a cold fever.


The men whistle, and before he knows it he's pressing a pill to Luhan's lips and nudging it in with his thumb. It’s all fun and games today. Luhan should let his hair loose more, he should let go a little more, and this will do just the trick. Luhan swallows it obediently, remaining as stoic as he was before doing so. Baekhyun smiles. Success, success.


"Damn, aren't you two a naughty pair," he hears slurred into his ear from the nice man who had invited them to sit down. He plays along, a smirk spreading on his face and his lashes batting wildly.


"You know it," he murmurs, his fingers tracing the collar of the man's shirt. He doesn't know why he's going with it, but something about the thrill of it pulls him in and he feels high and numb at the same time and it feels ing good.


The next thing he knows he's making out with someone, tongues hot and heavy, and his head feels light and pleasant and not far from sprouting wings and flying off. Hands are on his hips and he feels more than a little aroused, his heart beating wildly against his rib cage. Suddenly everything is a little too hot and stuffy.


He can't see Luhan, but he bets Luhan is just as preoccupied as him with another one of the fun-loving men. How convenient. He hadn't exactly planned on entertaining them this far, but he isn't complaining now, especially after the ecstasy starts to kick in. The tremors through his body are exciting and invigorating, his mouth moving on its own against a handsome suitor while stars scratch at his eyelids.






Baekhyun doesn't remember how he ends up in a bed with someone on top of him, but it's too late to try and analyze it now. He opens his eyes properly and realizes that he's not at the club anymore. Definitely nowhere near the club. The ceiling has a flickering lamp and the walls have the most ugly flower tapestry he's ever seen in his years of living. He sighs. He's not in the mood for this. Not now.


He pushes the man back, who seems surprised at his strength and sudden attentiveness. He rolls his eyes. People these days. They always expect favours in return for favours, but Baekhyun isn't a charitable boy.


"Not tonight, Casanova," he says with a laugh, shoving at the man again and scooting himself off the side of the bed, grabbing for his shirt. He really isn't in the mood for some reason. 


He leaves out the door before the man can protest, slamming it in his face.



It's when he's in the kitchen of this unknown house with people lying passed out on the couches and floor that he remembers Luhan. They'd taken Luhan too, right? They must have. He grumbles, hoping Luhan hadn't somehow been left behind or gotten lost. He'd get quite the scolding for that when he got home to the other members if that was the case.


He searches the rooms he can get to, still laughing at the horrid tapestry every time he sees it. Does this person live with their grandma or something? At the very least someone who is close to deceasing. He finds the thought amusing and realizes he's still high, the shapes of the things around him making him giggle. He checks his watch with a quick eye. 4am. So they haven't been gone that long after all. Things aren’t so bad.


It's with a sigh of relief that he finds Luhan on a bed in one of the bedrooms, half unconscious and half awake, his hair messy and strewn everywhere. Luhan's t-shirt is gone, but his pants are still on, the pale skin of his chest illuminant in the dark room. Perhaps someone tried getting down with him, but gave up when they realized Luhan was too gone to even get . He laughs into the silence, pacing across the floor.


"They tried to take advantage of us, hyung, can you believe it?" He says humorously and still a little slurred from the buzz in his veins, thinking about the night’s events and remembering how easy they'd gotten by with so little money; how much they’d taken. He should have known the men would have wanted this. Now it’ll cost them even more to catch a bus or cab home. "Can you believe it, hyung? I mean their drugs weren't even that good."


He laughs again and looks down at Luhan, but the boy isn't responding. His head is tipped to the side, his arms curled in to his body. Baekhyun bends down to sit at the side of his bed, and suddenly he notices Luhan is still shaking like he had at the club. His breathing is erratic, and he looks like he’s having a bad dream, but his eyes are half open.


Baekhyun reaches out to nudge his arm, Luhan’s eyes flickering up to his quickly before he closes them. He notices the sheen of sweat on Luhan’s forehead and the way his eyes flicker under their lids. He’s never seen Luhan sick, or any different from his clean and proper look at that. He looks around the room a little, the only light coming from a window near an old painting with a gold rimmed frame.


“Earth to Luhan,” he says gently, poking Luhan’s nose. Luhan whimpers, turning away from him. Baekhyun pulls him back, his face heating up. There is just something about Luhan's flushed body; sweat ridden and trembling with the substances he's taken, that turns Baekhyun on like nothing else.


He blinks, reaching a hand out to touch Luhan's warm forehead, running fingers through his sweaty bangs.


"You're sleeping beauty," he says with a smile, no idea where it comes from. "Do you want me to be the prince?" He asks, trailing fingers down Luhan's face until he reaches the curve of his lips. His lips are rather pale. "Or should I be the dragon? The dragon was pretty cool too, wasn't it?"


Luhan gives no response, and in his drug-soaked mind, Baekhyun finds it rude. He frowns. The hand on Luhan’s face trails down to his chest, and Baekhyun feels the trembling easily through Luhan's paper thin skin, right under his fingertips.


"Luhan," he says, stroking the boy's skin appreciatively as if he can type out each letter of his name onto the surface.  Luhan's eyes have closed again.  "You should answer me when I'm talking to you."


Luhan doesn't answer, but one of his hands lift up to stop Baekhyun's moving one on his chest, his palm cold and clammy.


"You almost ruined it for me today, Lulu," he tests out on his tongue, the leaving out of the respectful suffix pleasing him more than it should. "I think you almost puked on their table."


Luhan doesn't answer to that; he simply continues shaking, his hand clutching Baekhyun's tightly. Under his palm, Baekhyun can feel Luhan's heart beating fast, thunking against his chest vigorously like he's been running for miles. Luhan looks vaguely like he's in pain, his eyebrows furrowing and his face tensed, but Baekhyun looks past it. He can't see anything apart from Luhan's opening and closing mouth, and the lone tear that has made its way down his flushed cheek.


Suddenly he feels hot again, and Luhan's breathing clouds his mind gradually. His pants might be a little too tight, he thinks. A little too bothering.


He trails his hand up to Luhan's face, but this time with less stumbling. He doesn't stop himself as he leans down and kisses him square on the lips, Luhan's cold ones feeling soothing and satisfying against his own. How Luhan is so cold, he doesn’t know. All he knows is that when he presses his tongue at the seam of Luhan's lips, coaxing the entrance imperatively, the boy's jaw slackens and allows him in.


Luhan's mouth is warm and wet at every crevice. He tastes of nothing in particular, and Baekhyun mindlessly wonders when the last time he ate was. Either way, Luhan's saliva is sweet and messy, dribbling out of his mouth as Baekhyun pushes his tongue a little further in to scope out the new area. He a little and bites a little, both at Luhan's tongue and lips, testing out the pliancy of his flesh. Very pliant, he concludes. Succulent and tender, especially with his unprecedented docility.


His hands begin to subconsciously trail down Luhan's shaking form, tracing the lines and curves of his frame with precision. Luhan has always had this lanky body that he’s been jealous of, small features and a Peter Pan face. Luhan is blazing hot, his skin perspiring and slicking his limbs like a dew.


"If you were a dog, I'd say you were in heat," Baekhyun mumbles with a chuckle, his hands stopping at Luhan's hips. "But for a human these symptoms probably aren't..." He doesn't know what he was planning to say, he just knows that he's kissing Luhan again, and it feels so damn good, no less than the first time. Luhan's tongue is immobile, but Baekhyun doesn't mind doing all the work. He doesn't mind at all, strangely.


Between talking to him and kissing him, Baekhyun has somewhere along the line found it in him to tug Luhan's pants down, the lack of clothing revealing a developing on Luhan's part. Baekhyun has to gloat at this.


"I don't know whether your body is just confused or someone slipped you or what, but thanks for appreciating my work," he hums, his left hand reaching down to cup Luhan’s hard-on through his boxers, being answered with a throaty . He groans. He's hard too, his straining against the demin of his jeans. Luhan being ed on drugs shouldn't be doing this to him, but it is. He’s never been by Luhan before and normally, if anyone, he would maybe go for Kai, the god, or Kris, the definition of handsome. But right now…right now he can feel Luhan twitching and throbbing under his hand and he can feel himself doing exactly the same.


Much like he's been for the majority of the night, Luhan doesn't react when he slips his hand in his boxers, moving down until he finds him hot and ready, nothing contained. He tugs on Luhan's heated flesh shallowly, sitting back to observe the reaction to his doing with a stoic face.


Luhan twitches and bucks, ending with a strained and his body curling into the fetal position around his arm. He keeps going until he sees tears spill from his eyes unceremoniously, rolling down to the sheets with little momentum.


"Are you warm? Is your skin sore? Or do you just have no idea where the you are?" Baekhyun asks gently, still jerking Luhan's with small flicks of his wrist. Luhan nods his head in what Baekhyun can only translate to 'all of the above,' and he smiles down at the writhing boy on the sheets with a dazed mind. He can still see little pink flowers and black shapes when he closes his eyes, but that's okay. It makes everything so much more fun. "You've been bad-tripping all night, haven't you?" he inquires, knowing the answer without Luhan even having to affirm it. He knows the answer so well that he wants to shake Luhan out of it, but he doesn’t want to traumatize him any further. He has to let him down easy.


He thumbs over the slit and Luhan cries out, biting his lip. Luhan is wet, pre-come practically dripping from him. He smiles, pulling his hand out of Luhan’s boxers and leaving him panting on the sheets. He hears another whine, but knows it’s not from annoyance this time. He decides to be nice and pulls off Luhan’s boxers, throwing them somewhere on the floor. It’s weird seeing Luhan . Not that Luhan isn’t pleasant looking in any shape or form, but he’s his group member, and…


He joins Luhan on the bed, pushing his knees apart a little and taking a hold of his again. He likes playing around, and experimenting has never done any harm. Not really. He swipes his finger over the head of Luhan’s and  then nudges his thighs apart a little more, so that he has access to what’s further down.


"Have you ever been lubed up with yourself? I've tried it, it's pretty neat stuff," Baekhyun rambles, pressing his index against Luhan's twitching hole and rubbing the collected pre-come over it. It spreads easily, wet and glistening from what he can see. "It's not enough though," Baekhyun muses, before taking two fingers and sticking them in his mouth, tonguing saliva all over them. When he pulls them out they're sticky and dripping, strands of spit sticking between them like covalent bonds. "You need a little help too."


His fingers are in between Luhan's cheeks before he can catch up to himself, and he nudges his middle finger at the opening until the tip gets swallowed in. He teases the entrance with the shallow breach, wiggling his finger ever so slightly before sinking it further inside. When it gets seated to the knuckle, Luhan s loudly, fists clenching in the sheets. He's pretty sure Luhan isn't a , but he might as well be, seeing how hyper sensitive he is at the moment. His hole is tiny too, clenching around his probing digit like nothing else has. When his finger has seated inside him for a while, Baekhyun pulls it out completely, hearing the elder whine at the sudden movement and loss of occupation. With just as much emphasis in his movements, he sinks it back in, a second finger alongside it this time. 


Luhan shivers at the intrusion, which Baekhyun can somehow identify as something separate from his constant tremors, before he bucks up and lays his head to the side, eyes still unfocused but his teeth biting at his lips. Baekhyun pushes his fingers in and out a couple times, finger ing him good, just like how he likes to do it to himself.


He's about to add a third when he hears a door creak behind him, and looks towards the bedroom door. He stumbles when he realizes it hasn't opened, and spins his head around until he finds a bathroom door ajar at the corner of the room, a rather drunk looking man stepping out, vomit on his sweater and shoes.


"You're not gonna get much of a response out of him," the guy says, nodding his head towards Luhan, who Baekhyun currently has his fingers lodged inside. "I've tried," he insists, annoyance evident in his voice.


"Thanks for your input," Baekhyun mutters dryly, looking away from the man and proceeding. Luhan takes his fingers really well, and he makes the most wonderful noises. "You can take your leave now."


The man sort of just stands there awkwardly for a while until Baekhyun can be bothered to look back and check what it is he wants. He doesn't have to look long before he sees the awfully obvious bulge in the man's pants, his eyes dilating while he watches Baekhyun pump his fingers in and out of Luhan, making the blonde whine and pant. He rolls his eyes.


"I don't share," he says for good measure, watching the other man spring to life at the sound of his voice. The man is about to say something, but Baekhyun cuts him off before he can even think it. "I don't tag team either."


The man frowns, kicking the bathroom door shut behind him. Then a smug smirk appears at the edges of his mouth. "How about you and me while the little one watches?"


The little one, huh? Baekhyun chuckles internally at what the man would think if he knew Luhan was older than him. Not many people seemed to accept that with this baby-face. Luhan would probably die of shame if his brain could process what the man was saying.


"Tempting, but really not tempting at all. I'm trying to get laid here, do you mind?" He says rather bluntly, too to deal with unknown people right now. He just wants familiar. A familiar tightness around his and a familiar tingle in his loins as he climaxes. Familiar sounds good.


He doesn't check, but he assumes the man leaves as nobody disturbs him further while he works Luhan open, pushing into him steadily and scissoring, eventually adding a third finger with an extra amount of saliva.


When Luhan starts keening and whining with extra urgency, that’s when he pulls out. His fingers instantly miss the warmth, but the muscles in his arm are a little tired from ing into Luhan for so long, and so he breathes a sigh of relief. It will pay off, he tells himself. If Luhan will let him go all the way, maybe. It’s the least he can do after ing up Luhan’s head. It’s also the least Luhan can do for him seeing as he’s been nothing but limp and hopeless all night.


He quickly strips himself of all his clothes and moves over to the bed to straddle Luhan’s hips, his balance a little off and the world spinning, but still managing to prevail vertically and in a rather good position. He settles himself clumsily in between Luhan’s shaking thighs, leaning down with his elbows on either side of Luhan’s head, their lips only inches from touching.


"You can ride it out, hyung. Like a fever," he mumbles hotly over Luhan’s lips, stroking his cheeks. He's not exactly sure how true that is, but he couldn't care less right now. “Want me to help you? You want the heat to go away, right?”


Luhan’s eyes find his, and he seems a bit more conscious now than before. He listens to Baekhyun’s words while arching up so that their bodies touch more. Baekhyun groans.


Luhan exhales a faint “Yeah,” and Baekhyun leans down and smiles into a kiss, lethargically savoring it and dragging out his tongue motions in harmony with Luhan’s. Baekhyun still isn’t sure whether it’s the drugs talking or not, but they’ve gone too far to stop now.


He grinds down so that their s rub together, ing in appreciation as they do. This is a little different to drugs. The pleasure is a little more strong and persistent, and it tops off everything so perfectly. Luhan keeps his eyes locked with him now, still vacant but filled with a new, hazy pleasure.


Baekhyun pulls away from Luhan’s mouth, sitting back and enjoying the view below him. He grins at him and spits excessively into his palm, drooling out as much saliva as he can. It’s all he has for the moment –he curses himself for leaving his trusty K-Y at home- and doesn’t have the patience for one of them to so they can us the release as lubrication. He tries to get an adequate amount. He really tries. Normally Luhan would probably be grossed out by doing things so messily, but he doubts Luhan cares much right now, his own appearance as messy as can be. Baekhyun doesn’t have too high standards. is , after all. And right now with Luhan sounds pretty good.


He impatiently coats his with as much saliva as he can, still hoping for some mercy from what he used to finger Luhan earlier. As he finishes his job, he moves to grind himself against Luhan’s ready opening, slicking the crack in delight.


“I’ve taken you for quite a ride today, haven’t I?” He says with a laugh when he’s about to push in, threading his fingers through Luhan’s damp hair and pressing kisses to his slick, exposed neck before letting his tongue spill out over his collarbones and shoulders. As the finale, he takes one of Luhan’s hands and pulls his fingers into his mouth, tonguing them eagerly while ing forward and breaching Luhan’s entrance with the head of his . Baekhyun’s good at things, so there’s no doubt Luhan would be enjoying this. He is fairly skilled with his tongue, he must admit. Years of practice has made him perfect.


Luhan throwing his head back and releasing a loud is his queue to move in further, and he inches in as slowly as he can, praying he won’t hurt Luhan with the lack of proper lubrication. To his huge surprise he makes it in to the hilt, seated inside Luhan completely after exchanging deep breaths with him for a few minutes.


“Good, good,” he mumbles, mainly to himself as a manner congratulations on making it so far.


Luhan’s trembling eases down a little, and all that’s left is his clammy skin, which Baekhyun takes the liberty to as he pulls out and pushes back in, small sounds spilling out of Luhan’s lips with every . Luhan keeps his eyes closed at this point, his mouth open and fanning warm breath over the back of Baekhyun’s hand, which is planted just beside his head. It’s quite a pretty sight, he muses, picking up the speed of his s. Baekhyun grunts with the intense pleasure currents his increase in pace sends through his body, Luhan’s tight heat clenching around him and taking him as he pushes faster and faster. He can feel his approaching a little too quickly; little rainbow spots and stars dancing behind his eyelids and his body shaking with effort, balls tightening. He at the base of Luhan's neck again, and marking him because goddamn, Luhan might just as well get a little souvenir of this ed up night to last him a while. It also happens to be Baekhyun’s own twisted little way of thanking him for the meal, a personal touch if nothing else.


Baekhyun is panting in Luhan's ear now, so close to losing himself, "Does this make you feel ed? Can you even see anything right now, with my inside you and all that coursing through your veins?" It had been an actual, genuine question, but Luhan whimpers and looks even closer to losing himself to an impending climax; his thighs clenching around Baekhyun’s waist, that Baekhyun himself feels by the half-way .


He can’t help but the sweet whimper right out of Luhan's mouth. He nudges at Luhan's head with his cheek and when Luhan turns up towards him he bites and and at Luhan's lips, choking off a groan when Luhan’s arms reach up to hold his shoulders. He pulls away so fast that there is an almost ographic string of saliva connecting their mouths.


Baekhyun knows his eyes must be wide and dilated beyond repair by now but he catches Luhan's eyes and forces his own wider as he s out, "You’re a little better than ecstasy, you know," thinking he really means it this time.


Luhan tenses and cries out Baekhyun's name as he spills viciously over his stomach, so hard that he looks like he forgets how to breathe, eyes rolling back into his head.


“, that’s hot," Baekhyun s, which quickly turns into a low, drawn out groan as Luhan's internal muscles clench and spasm cruelly around his , wrenching his and breath out of him. He spills himself inside of Luhan until he’s completely empty, collapsing on top of him at the peak of his rush.


Luhan’s insane heartbeat seems to have died down, likewise with his tremors, and Baekhyun breaths out a sigh of relief once more. At least he hasn’t made it worse. He sighs to himself as he lies still for a good few minutes, letting his brain swim at the vision, once again, of the horrifically dingy flower tapestry covering the walls. It seems he can never escape it.





Getting Luhan home on the public transport system while trying to explain away what ‘that weird smell’ is to passersby and drilling into Luhan’s head that he isn’t to tell a soul about their wild escapades of the night makes him wish considerably more that he had another dose of anything hidden up his sleeves. But then he remembers that you can’t have a little fun without a little mess, and fixes Luhan’s clothes and lays his head back in the bus seat before he even thinks about commencing the task of maneuvering them both back inside the dorm without being inspected.


Luhan doesn’t talk to him for a while after that, but if ever Baekhyun happens to mention the idea of ‘having fun’ in his presence, he sees Luhan’s face go a little red, and he can only conclude that Luhan definitely remembers some part of that night. The most ‘fun’ part, that is.









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Chapter 1: liked this story.. :)) it would be fine to have more BaekHyun and LuHan fanfics.. :D
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Miawitch_1002 #3
Chapter 1: first BaekHan fic that i read, i want MOARrrrrr
hunhanballz #4
Chapter 1: You should write another BaekHan. :)

Loved this, and rereading it a year later.
920506Baekhyun #5
Baekhyun ON TOP~!! >_< I hope you make many FF with BaekHan cast :D
ExoMTaoris #6
Chapter 1: Baeklu is so cute together.
byunbebek #7
Chapter 1: i ship baekhan...coz theyre my top2...
but never in romantic way...coz all fic i read before pairing them as bestfriend...
its little weird at firts....but the whole story is good written......
auni5701 #8
Chapter 1: I'm starting to ship baekhan,baeklu..,baek on top?hahaha..thanks author-nim!!XD
BlackPaperMoon #9
Chapter 1: I wish this had chapters ;~; I need me some more baeklu like this <3
mydearfriendjes #10
Chapter 1: Wooow, that was hot TwT
You surely are the president of the bottom Luhan club.