The Vacation In America [SEQUEL]

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After having a three way with his new step brother and his boyfriend, Baekhyun was horrified when he was forced to go on vacation with them and his own parents.

Not that it , because it was america, but it was the fact he had to share a room with the boys too!

Chanyeol and Kai were both really to become with.

And they all decided to go to a club to drink and to dance ily.

They started to makeout, and all three of them wanted to get to the bedroom quickly.

And what a night it turned out to be!


This is a sequel to my previous exo story with Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Kai together, 'New Family'.

You can read that here - - you can read that first.

So anyway, i wanted to write a lot of and since a lot of you guys wanted a sequel to this, i decided to be nice and give it to yous as a present :D

Feel loved guys :D

Please comment and suscribe of course :P

There probably won't be a sequel - but i won't completely scratch the idea.

I hope it fufills your needs :D

Love yous :D



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nameless2 #1
Chapter 1: ah~ let us all breath in the hormones in the air
BaekMeACake_12 #2
kpopperprincess #3
Chapter 1: This completely destroyed my innocent mind of EXO....this is why ive been ignoring things about asian fanfics........omfg...
harlibug #4
Chapter 1: Beautiful!!
XkayX1 #5
Chapter 1: I meant weeks
XkayX1 #6
Chapter 1: U should write another chapter because there's still 2 woks left right :(
onlyxiu #7
Chapter 1: well isnt this hot as hell ㅜㅜ