I Can't Help But Fall

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Cho Kyuhyun and Kim So Eun, Super Junior, (appearances) SNSD


My first fan fiction ever to be written.

I posted this in my journal for a long time already and I think I want to post it in here too.

Please be nice to me :))

And you might notice that this is written in POVs.

This was my first fic and since I haven't practiced on writing for a very long time, I kind of started with the basics :]


She had no one.

She only had herself.

What if, though, she still remembered her favorite cousin and started to live with him?

It could be fun.

But nevertheless, there's always someone who's gonna ruin the fun for her.

And she doesn't know what to do if ever she'll accidentally fall HARD... and DEEPLY.



kim so eun Pictures, Images and Photos

Kim So Eun

- 15 years old

- Once a battered child, she struggled hard to find herself. She sought the help of her favorite cousin, Kim Kibum, who happened to be one of Korea's most famous boy band members. She's always annoyed by Kyuhyun for having the same personalities.

- Headstrong, Arrogant, Stubborn, Boyish


kyuhyun Pictures, Images and Photos

Cho Kyuhyun

- 22 years old

- He's the famous maknae of Super Junior, Korea's most famous boy band. He's infamous for his sarcasm  and arrogance among his members but his fans doesn't seem to know for he is good in masking his own personalities. Loved by many, So Eun hates him. Though he's kind of evil, he's actually a softie when he feels like it.

- Arrogant, Sarcastic, Evil (in the most childish ways)


Kibum Pictures, Images and Photos

Kim Kibum

- 23 years old

- Kibum is the most famous member of Super Junior. He's an actor, a model and a performer. He's multi-talented but So Eun often teases him for lacking a good voice. He is, in fact, her favorite cousin. He acts like a brother, and sometimes, a father to her. He took her in when she needed his help.

- Kind, Quiet, Caring


Super Junior Pictures, Images and Photos

Super Junior

- This is one of the most famous boy bands in the Korean entertainment industry. They live in a dorm. Well actually, 3 dorms, since they needed to fit in. Who could fit 13 members in only one dorm anyway? They are all brothers, according to themselves, and they all have different personalities though some may have similarities. It's no use to describe each of them for we will be wasting manpower in typing.


Zhou Mi and Henry Lau Pictures, Images and Photos

Henry Lau and Zhou Mi

- 21 and 24 respectively

- They belong to Super Junior's sub-group, Super Junior M. They both are Chinese but Henry speaks English, fluently. They both are caring but the latter seems to be a bit sarcastic and has a tendency to act all diva.


Both guys will have a very important part in the story as it progresses.

Comments are Loved <3

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LovelySari () says:
update pliz, Soon!

peepsqueak () says:
Please update soon!!! <3 <3 i lub this story~~

queena () says:
update soon please...

Serenity_20 () says:
I really love your story and I see you haven't updated for a while I hope that you're going to continue to write your story hope you update soon

sarahphan98 () says:
It's been a year since you updated.. Update soon :) Miss this story!

Emma1992 () says:
Nice story. One with my dearest Kyu ^^ Hope you'll continue it soon! <3

jlynne () says:
im a new reader here.. i love your fanfic especially you choose kim so eun as the main character and you partnered her with kyuhyun one of my favorite in super junior.. i read this one in livejournal.com and it didn't updated there.. can you please update it here.. i'm so thrilled for the next chapter.. thanks!

-dorkable [A] () says:
Yey! Another reader!
Thanks for reading...
A Kim So Eun fan too!
I hope to update soon too. Since I'm not sure because classes just started

Ezzy658 () says:
This looks really interesting!!!
I like the idea of KyuHyun and So Eun!!!!! I may not be the hugest SuJu fan, but KyuHyun has got one nice voice, BUT I ADORE Kim So Eun, so yay!!!!
This looks like it has a lot of potential!!! Hope you update soon!

-dorkable [A] () says:
Yey New Reader!!
Thank you for reading <3

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