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He the maid costume and wig at Luhan, watching him catch it with surprise which instantly transformed into mild distaste.


“Again?” He asked, looking up at Sehun with judging eyes.


“It’s a new one this time,” Sehun tried feebly. “You’ll like it.”


“More like you’ll like it,” Luhan huffed, shifting the black and white garment around in his hands and observing it.


Sehun shrugged, pushing Luhan towards the bathroom. “Maybe that too. If you’re lucky,” he added, watching as Luhan rolled his eyes before heading to change.


When Luhan stepped out again fully dressed, Sehun stopped about a foot away from the older, leaning his head to the side while Luhan gazed up at him through those thick lashes of his, annoyance gone and replaced with embarrassment. The black wig fitted nicely, framing his pretty face with black locks. The dress he was wearing was a little too small for him, which Sehun could only appreciate, as it exposed his long, milky legs and barely covered the round flesh of his . That boy would be his own undoing.


Sehun's large, capable hands trailed up to the top of his thighs and slightly under the short, frilly skirt of the dress, until he was firmly groping the round flesh that he had been so painfully imagining all day.


One of Sehun's hands flipped up the front of his skirt, thus exposing everything underneath. Luhan blushed, trying to push it down again but to little avail.


Sehun shooed his hands away and palmed the front of the older's member through his girly (it was an extra delight that had come with the costume), the fabric sticking to Sehun's hand and moving with it, and he could tell that it was creating the most unbearable friction for the smaller male. Luhan could probably feel every single stitch against his skin; his nerves on fire.


That was, after all, what Sehun had hoped to achieve. He unbuttoned and pushed his own pants down quickly, kicking them away. He was more than ready to get down to business.


Luhan felt Sehun grab him, and before he knew it he was toppled down onto the bed on top of Sehun, who held him tight against his body.


"Let's have some fun, my little maid," he whispered against Luhan's cheek, resting a still hand on Luhan’s lower back where the lace bows were adorning his adorable outfit.


Sehun was hard beneath him, and Luhan ed once he realized their groins were pushing together, gravity doing its fair share of delicious work.


"You like that?" Sehun asked, his lips still pressed close against Luhan’s warm cheek.


Luhan simply nodded. Sehun pushed his hips up a little more, feeling glee spread through him when Luhan responded even more vocally.


He shoved his fist into Luhan's frilly skirt, grasping it for more leverage, then rolled his hips up against Luhan's, making sure the annoying dress was out of the way so that he could feel the friction of only Luhan's underwear against his boxers. It felt like heaven.


Luhan was hard now, very much so, and Sehun felt him unconsciously move his hips down at pace with his own, relishing in the kinetic wonder their lower bodies were creating.


“One little adjustment,” Sehun said suddenly, reaching up to pull the wig off of Luhan’s head, making his golden locks spring out messily.


“What was that for?” Luhan asked, looking upset.


“I like your hair much better,” Sehun murmured with a smile, stroking a hand through Luhan’s mane. He would bet anything the wig was itchy too. Luhan smiled back and leaned into the touch.


Sehun began to tease Luhan by changing his pace and going faster, the smaller finding it harder to use his arms to hold himself up at the movements and keep up with Sehun’s demanding speed.




Sehun ground them together more, yanking on the laces at the back of Luhan’s dress and hoping they wouldn’t tear from his brutal grip, but the only thing on his to-do list now was to get as much contact as possible out of their bodies moving together.


"Gonna come already from me just rubbing against you? Are you really?" Sehun teased, keeping his pace steady.




Sehun chuckled at his miserable attempt of denial, continuing to rock Luhan back and forth atop himself, making sure their s rubbed against each other with every deliberate move. He could almost feel the wetness soaking Luhan's underwear through the material of his own. He could definitely feel him twitching and throbbing against him, helplessly rutting his hips against Sehun for more friction. Luhan's head dropped to the side of his, resting in the crook of his neck and hanging limply alike the rest of his body, as if he'd become boneless. Luhan also wouldn't stop making those noises, those little s and whimpers that amplified with each Sehun made upwards as he grew weaker and weaker, making Sehun harder and harder.


"Sehunnie, please," he breathed heavily into his ear, almost shaking. Luhan's voice was slow and dragging and mindless, spilling out of him like water from a breaking dam. "Please, please, please, please-"


Sehun gripped Luhan's hips tight and ground them harshly down against his own, cutting off Luhan's string of incoherent pleas by making him scream.


"Good, hyung. Come for me. Come for Sehunnie," he encouraged, pulling Luhan's mouth in for a lazy kiss, their saliva slicking their movements and drowning out the helpless cry Luhan released as he climaxed, trembling vigorously as the force of his hit. Sehun held him tight, listening to him unwind and feeling the goosebumps ripple through his body. When coming down from releasing, Luhan went limp again, laboured breathing pushing out of him and filling the whole room. He was covered with a sheen of sweat, his usually neat bangs sticking to his forehead messily.


"You really are five years old, aren't you," Sehun teased, sticking a sly hand down into the front of Luhan's and finding them caked with his sticky release. He smirked, touching the substance between his fingers. "You just creamed your pants, and I didn't even touch you," he laughed, noting Luhan was too busy gasping for air to attentively listen. "That's a little premature of you, don't you think? I know babies that can last longer than you."


He laughed loudly when Luhan shot him a look from the crook of his neck.


"It's almost as if it was your first time.” He chuckled. “Or were you just that needy? Have I been neglecting my Luhannie?" Sehun cooed, rolling his hips a little and hearing Luhan groan in protest from the sensitivity. He gripped Sehun's shoulders with his small fingers, mumbling a reply that was too muffled into Sehun's skin to decipher. "What was that?" Sehun asked cheekily, his lips caressing the shell of Luhan's ear.


Luhan whined miserably, hitting him on the shoulder. "I said I'm not needy."


Sehun raised an eyebrow, sitting up rather fast so that Luhan was vertical in his lap within seconds, and gripping Luhan's chin to train his face to his own; their eyes locking. Luhan's were wide, but laced with a latent defiance.


"I don't like liars," Sehun reminded him, looking at Luhan expectantly, as if waiting for him to correct himself.


Luhan scowled, looking away. He knew what would be in his best interest, but Sehun wasn't sure whether he would go with it or not. "I wasn't-"


"Going once," Sehun started, sitting completely still while Luhan fidgeted. Luhan pouted down at him.




"Going twice."


Luhan kept silent. He refused to say anything, but this time with confliction in his eyes.


"Fine. Your call," Sehun said eventually, shifting on the bed and pulling Luhan up with him by the wrist. Luhan squealed, trying not to tip over as Sehun lifted him with one arm.


"W-wait, I didn't-"


He hauled him over a few feet before stopping. When Sehun put him down again, Luhan recognized the position instantly, squirming around until Sehun's arms arranged him and held him in place. They were at the foot of the bed.


"S-Sehunnie," he tried, the sheets as his face was pushed into the mattress. Suddenly he felt cold, and realized his underwear had been pulled down to his knees, his bare and exposed. He shifted over in Sehun's lap, Sehun keeping him impossibly still with his limbs on either side of his thighs, Luhan's sticking up.


A crack suddenly reverberated into the air, and Luhan only recognized it as the sound of Sehun's hand hitting his skin when he felt a stinging pain in his behind. He yelped in surprise, jerking forward.


"No," Luhan keened, and reprimanded himself for sounding so whiny, but he couldn't help it.


"How many til you go red, Lulu?"


Luhan groaned, trying to turn to face Sehun but failing horribly. He bit his lip.


"Hm?" Sehun pushed. When Luhan didn't answer quickly enough, Sehun slapped his again, harder this time. Luhan whined, closing his eyes. "How many?"


"F-fifteen," he croaked, wriggling around to get into a better position. His answer landed him two more slaps.


"Try again."


Sehun watched Luhan struggle with exalted eyes, keeping completely still.


"T-ten," Luhan finally stammered after thinking it over more carefully, tensing in anticipation for the pain to come.


Sehun smiled warmly, lowering his arm. "That's right, baby. You're sensitive."


He placed an idle hand on Luhan's behind, stroking him softly before hitting his flesh once more with his ready palm. Luhan bit back all embarrassing sounds that could have possibly been released.


"How many are we on?" The younger asked. Sehun could feel the pace of Luhan's heart pick up against his legs. He gloated.




Another slap.


"W-we were on it's six."


"Good boy," Sehun praised, soaking in Luhan’s obscene position appreciatively. "You weren't trying to make me give you less, were you?"


Before Luhan could answer, Sehun slapped him again, feeling the older flinch atop him.




"Good," he said lovingly, reaching a hand down to Luhan's face and tapping his cheek with his index and middle finger. "Here."


Luhan knew what he wanted, opening his mouth to let Sehun sink his fingers in. To keep Luhan quiet and to get himself pleasure.


Luhan led on his fingers eagerly, trying to distract himself from Sehun's other incessant hand, which had started smacking him with little to no rest in between hits. He mewled at each one.


"N-no more..." he piped up after a while, pulling his mouth away from Sehun's fingers and recoiling from his touch. His was starting to sting really badly, and it felt like it was on fire.


"You don't think you deserve it?" Sehun questioned, looking down and admiring the blooming red tint he'd created on the cheeks of Luhan's .


"I'm needy, Sehunnie, I'm needy. I lied. You make me leak so bad."


Sehun nodded, stroking Luhan's sore skin with gentle fingers, before carefully pulling his underwear back up. He felt Luhan sigh in relief, knowing to lie still until Sehun moved him. He put his hands under Luhan's body, tipping him up until he was moved to sit straddled on his lap. Sehun wrapped his arms around him, kissing his cheek.


"That wasn't so bad, was it?"


Luhan shook his head automatically, looking down.


Sehun smiled. "Good."


He motioned for Luhan to get up, the both of them stepping off the end of the bed. Luhan stood still with a flushed face and fatigued breathing as he watched Sehun move around the room, tugging his shirt off over his head and flinging it over a chair. Sehun moved around slowly on purpose, savoring the clouded and impatient eyes Luhan watched him with. After making sure the room looked presentable (he’d put his pants away too, and even made sure the covers of the bed looked neat again), he turned back to Luhan and almost snickered at how his knees seemed to be trying to give out.


He pointed to the made bed. “Go lay down for me,” he instructed, and Luhan did, clambering up on the mattress again and crawling to the middle where he leaned back, resting his head on a pillow. Sehun nodded approvingly, walking a little closer. “Good. Now pull up your dress.”


Luhan blushed and grabbed the frilly hems, inching the skirt up until it was resting against his stomach. Just when Sehun was about to storm forward in blind lust and mount him, he heard the door open and a familiar voice intrude the room.


“Sehun-ah, I need to borrow your-” both Luhan and Sehun stayed still as Kyungsoo entered the room, freezing mid-way in the door. His face tensed and his eyes went wide. "Oh my ing...” he wheezed out, placing a hand on his chest and holding his breath. “Oh god, Oh Sehun, what have you made him do??"


Sehun shrugged, eyeing the older. "Nothing."


". Why couldn't we get a normal maknae. You know, one who actually acts his age and respects his hyungs and doesn't make them do ?!" Kyungsoo exclaimed, casting a relatively short lived glance over at Luhan, whose dress was still pulled up. He looked away immediately, face burning.


"I respect Luhan-hyung," Sehun insisted, his face betraying no form of regret or embarrassment for being found in such a situation and Kyungsoo wanted to slap him.


"He's sprawled on your bed in a ing dress!"


"Yes he is. I don't see the problem."


Kyungsoo sighed, looking away from the both of them and running a hand through his hair. ". Okay. You know what, never mind. Just leave me out of this."


"You were the one who-"


"I said leave me out, god!" And with that, Kyungsoo fled out the door, not bothering to close it behind him. Sehun was more considerate, and went up to pull it shut. He turned back to Luhan.


“He wouldn’t have been so pissed if he knew what a prissy little you are. You deserve punishment.”


“Shut up,” Luhan mumbled quietly with a frown. “You made me do this.”


“Language, language. We got to ten, but I could always go further,” Sehun reminded him, and eyed Luhan in a testing manner. Luhan shut up. “I only gave you the costume, but you have the part down all by yourself, don’t you think?”


Luhan didn’t think so, but knew better than to argue.


“Back to business, then,” Sehun said with a smile, crooking his finger in a ‘come hither’ motion to beckon Luhan towards him.


“But I thought you wanted-”


Sehun held up his hand, “Change of plans,” he insisted, brushing it off. “It seems you haven’t learned your place yet.”


Luhan gulped, gently patting the dress down over his legs again, almost annoyed that he’d gotten so used to it in the span of under an hour. He crawled to the edge of the bed, stepping off the comforting duvet and onto the wooden floor, waiting for further instructions.


Sehun nodded to the side of him, eyeing the small working desk in the corner of the room.


Luhan pouted for what felt like the hundredth time that evening. “But Sehun-” he cut himself off and winced as he remembered that arguing or complaining would earn him more spanks. He hesitantly made his way over, giving Sehun a pleading glance and slumping down onto the desk, skull thunking on the wood and back arching beautifully over his arms while he tried to keep his head up to keep eye contact with Sehun.


Sehun's smile was devious, and he stepped forward and rolled Luhan onto his front. Luhan's hardened member was pressed against the desk, and Sehun could just barely see it from between his thighs. He stepped back to admire his lover draped across that desk. Everywhere, his milky skin was dewed with slick sweat. The round globes of his were completely visible, the tiny dress having ridden up high on his hips.


Sehun's hand reached out and spread the cheeks, watching as the white string of what used to be the Luhan had been wearing sank into his crack, sticking to the skin there with sweat. He’d moved around too much. The younger leaned down; keeping Luhan's cheeks spread, and clamped his teeth around the top of the underwear, dragging it over the curve of Luhan's until it reached the crevice between and thighs. He pulled the material back with his teeth until it was as far from his body as it could get, then let it go and watched as it snapped against the edge of his harshly.


Luhan's legs jerked against the desk. His exposed hole clenching in surprise, drawing Sehun's attention to it.


It looked exactly how it did a couple years ago, when the two of them had done it for the first time. It was pink and small -tiny, in fact- and Sehun marveled at that, wondering how it wasn't stretched from his 's repeated assaults.


Before Sehun knew it, his face was hovering over Luhan's hole and his breathing was leaking heavily onto it. It pulsed and quivered in anxiety and Luhan's back was tense. After a moment of that delicious torture, Sehun stiffened his tongue to a point and sharply rammed it in as deep as he could.


Luhan let out a choked keening noise and his thighs clenched tightly. Sehun wiggled his tongue around a bit and then slowly withdrew it, lapping up and down the crack instead.


Luhan took deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself, but it was hard when Sehun was literally eating him out. The side of his face was pressed flat against the desk surface, and all he could do was lay there and whimper as his boyfriend sank his tongue into him repeatedly, prodding in and coating the insides with his saliva.


Next came Sehun’s finger, warm and gentle, replacing the moving muscle with something more filling.


That was when Sehun contemplated taking (or rather ripping) Luhan's clothes off, but as Luhan pushed his back, making contact with and almost grinding against Sehun's painfully hard member, he found he didn't have time.


“P-please, Sehun,” Luhan begged, completely plastered against the desk surface.


“,” he breathed out in fierce arousal, placing his hand on one of Luhan’s cheeks and kneading it. “And it’s oppa to you,” he said cheekily, a half-assed smirk spread over his face.


Luhan felt the head of Sehun's make contact with his . "O-oppa," he said cravingly, too desperate for Sehun to take him to care. “"...o-oppa, please...p-put it in."


“You’re in no place to be demanding now, are you?” Sehun asked with the last shreds of his self-control withering away, reaching for a small bottle on a shelf near the desk. He opened the cap impatiently and dribbled out clear liquid directly to Luhan’s waiting hole, watching the thick substance running down his skin. He squeezed some onto himself as well, jerking his heated flesh as he lathered himself up.


“Spread your legs,” he commanded, nudging Luhan’s left thigh with the back of his palm. Luhan complied, moving them slightly further apart.


Sehun held his still and reached up to thread the fingers of his free hand into Luhan's hair, curling around a handful of blond locks and tugging back sharply. He traced the shell of Luhan's ear with his tongue, eliciting a shiver from him before nipping at his earlobe. "You like it when oppa bends you over and s you, baby?"


Luhan groaned in desperation, grinding his back against Sehun's , still teasing against his hole. "Mhm…please..."


Sehun let out a low chuckle at how easy it was getting, biting down where Luhan's neck met his shoulder. When Luhan's breath caught at the sting, Sehun his hips forward and entered Luhan all at once, placing the hand that had steadied his on Luhan's hip. Both of them stilled for a long moment, until Luhan adjusted to the intrusion and pressed back into Sehun’s loins in a wordless plea for him to move.


"That's it, baby," Sehun murmured as he began to rock his hips, sliding in and out of Luhan in small movements. "Show oppa how much you want it."


Luhan ed and shifted his hands to brace himself up on the table, dropping his head between his arms as he panted for breath.


Taking the small change in position for the invitation it was, Sehun dropped both of his hands to Luhan's hips, gripping them through the fabric of his dress in a tight grasp. He drew back until only the head of his remained inside Luhan and then slammed back in roughly. He built up a steady pace after that, enjoying the vice-like tightness and the sticky heat.


He felt Luhan begin to shake beneath him again, much alike when they’d been humping on the bed earlier, and shot his arm down to Luhan’s leaking member, using his fingers to make a tight, restricting hold around the base.


“What are you…ahh, no!” Luhan protested, heaving against the desk surface, his eyes closed and face twitching.


“I have to train you. You can’t come so fast,” Sehun reasoned, leaning down and kissing his neck, humming against his skin.


“B-but I can’t help it,” Luhan sobbed, a tear making its way down his cheek at the built up pressure, his thighs shaking violently.


Sehun made an acknowledging sound and squeezed him hard, making Luhan cry out.


“Please, please, let me-”


“If I let you come, will you handle fifteen for me next time?”




“When you’re bad, will you handle fifteen?


“I won’t be bad-”


“I never know when I might need it,” Sehun insisted, ing into Luhan harder and squeezing him with the same vigor. He could almost hear the tears welling in Luhan’s eyes.


Luhan's trembling and nodding head was answer enough, and Sehun's eyes closed as he gave several erratic s into his Luhan before he stiffened. His hands tangled in the skirt of Luhan's dress as he leaned down over him again to bury his face in Luhan's neck, hissing Luhan's name as he came inside him. A split second later he released his restricting hold around Luhan, and the boy let out a strangled cry, spilling himself violently onto the floor and down the leg of the desk.


Luhan slumped against the surface with Sehun still pressed against his back, struggling to calm his ragged breathing. When Sehun finally pulled away, he realized that Luhan had passed out from his explosive release, his body threatening to slide off the desk. Sehun sighed and wrapped himself around Luhan’s waist protectively, hauling his limp body into his arms. He moved to lay Luhan down in their bed, noticing the costume was now come-stained and had ripped a little near the laces where Sehun has gripped to move Luhan with more leverage. Not to mention it was drenched in sweat from their fervor.


Well, no matter. It had served its purpose well, he thought with a smile, spending the next half hour peeling Luhan out of the cheap material and tucking him in bed.







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