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MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress



DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story, do not take it seriously. :unsure:  



All characters in this story have no existence and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names and all incidents are pure invention.


Thanks to Huntress unni for allowing me to repost this wonderful fanfiction in this site and for allowing me to share this to the UNIVERSE!

For the record THIS IS NOT WRITTEN BY ME. I am just a fan of this wonderful story and I want to share it to everybody out there. Let us all give our praises to HUNTRESS unni, whom I believe is from a different planet, because her mind is totally our of this WORLD. The spelling of her name is H-U-N-T-R-E-S-S. Arraso?! 





No Boyfriend since Birth. That phrase must've been invented to spite Sandara Park.

Sandara Park, also known as Dara, is a graduating university student taking up Theater Arts. All these years she must've been living under a rock. She is totally ignorant of the current trends. An absolute poptard and cinematard. 

Living in Seoul, she's not your average girl whose love for KPop is beyond compare. She doesn't care about KPop, or celebrities, or anything at all. She stumbles upon this or that sometimes since she watches television (although very rarely) but she just doesn't pay close attention to them. 

Rain? What do these girls mean by 'Rain is so hot'? Since when did 'rain' became 'hot'? And what's with this Big Bang, etc? Now they're talking about Big Bang being 'so cool'? These girls have a twisted interest for Science. <_< 

Her teenage years passed by without so much of anything. One word to describe her life - BORING. Her friends already gave up hope that they can turn her into something 'NORMAL'. She's just...way too plain. Nothing about her stands out. I mean, if Dara is inside a room, you wouldn't notice she's there unless she kicks you in the . The girls in her class don't really pay attention to her. The boys don't even give her a second look. She's just blah. Oh, but her pride is really something. She can be very stubborn at times.

Her life is very routinary.

Well, until she opened the wrong door and entered a celebrity's life - Kwon Jiyong's life...


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forevergorgeous #1
Chapter 51: This is the first time I will comment. And that will be. I super effin hate Kiko. Such a eh? -_-" BOOO YOU!!! </3
Angelapham0715 #2
Chapter 56: Really great story!!!
elowyuayesi #3
Chapter 45: Donghae is a total sweetie!!!
elowyuayesi #4
Chapter 44: OMG. I have never been inlove with Lee Donhae this much!!! Oppa~ sarangheyo! ❤️
elowyuayesi #5
Chapter 34: Baby Minho? Gosh. I never thought the word 'baby' sounded so goooood. Waaaah. I love Lee Minho on this chap. Thanks, authornim. >u<
elowyuayesi #6
Chapter 29: Awh. I never want TOP to be this depressed. I volunteer myself, oppa. You can love me!!! OMG. Delu-mode is ON.
elowyuayesi #7
Chapter 29: I just freaking want to be DARA!!!! IMAGINE THE SCENE, PEOPLE!!!! I would trade my life for that glorious moment. Seriously? Three GORGEOUS, HANDSOME AND HOT MEN??? Fighting to kiss me? OMG. I can die peacefully.
elowyuayesi #8
Chapter 28: OMO!! My TabiSan heart.. Kyaaaaaaah!! ~
elowyuayesi #9
Chapter 20: I knew Jiyong is such a sweetie. Thank you, authornim~ I fell deeply for Kwon Jiyong through your stories..
elowyuayesi #10
Chapter 17: OMG! Of all things...fart?! What will further embarrass this ahjumma?! Aigooo..