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MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Thank you for reading! Thanks for supporting this fic, for the vids, fanfic banners, comments, messages, etc! I really appreciate all of them! And I'm really touched by your support!


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0 points #1
Re-reading this for the nth time. Seriously authornim, i can no longer remember how many times i have read this fic. Most definitely will continue re-reading this and your other fanfics til i could memorize all the characters' lines. Yeah, that's how i love your storis! Xoxo
Satya_sati #2
The best fanfic ever...I was laughing like hell...love daragon
GeeforDee #3
Chapter 54: Re- reading this again for the nth time
Dara ahjumma,, reminding me when gd did IG live after his Concert in manila, in a car with Dara. And he called her ahjumma,,, kekekeke
RolDeej #4
Chapter 53: Thank you, Authornim. I really enjoyed the story. i will be reading all your completed stories! ❤️
RolDeej #5
Chapter 24: Spazzing!!! This part made me remember a similar scene from the move Pretty Woman. I love this version more!
w1nnerk0n #6
x169618x #7
Chapter 56: I can't stop laughing at every chapter XD this is gold XD my cheeks and stomach hurt cz i can't control my laughter XD
Oh and the drama :') fortunately daragon ended up together :3:3 bom is me XD her reaction to everything is how i act throughout this story XD
I love other characters too ❤ except jongwan -_- i hhhhaaatttteeeeeee himmmm!?!
Oh and love this piece of art ❤ thanks for sharing this with us ❤
ho0ney #8
Chapter 25: I can't read chapter 26!! O.o
Chapter 33: Why I cannot read chapter 33?
taurus818 #10
Chapter 32: Re reading again.. Authornim your jjang. Also I love the mobster couple in mfr2