MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Annyeonghaseyo yeorobun!


I know I said this fic is completed. I'm just so bored so I created a SPECIAL CHAPTER for MCR.


Please click this link to read MCR SPECIAL CHAPTER ->


Lotsa Love,



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taurus818 #1
Chapter 32: Re reading again.. Authornim your jjang. Also I love the mobster couple in mfr2
Ihateeveryonearoundm #2
k_i_m_v_i_v_i_a_n #3
I don't know how many times I cried because of laughing too much...
emerald_cross #4
Chapter 16: I keep on laughing like crazy.
Angelapham0715 #5
Chapter 10: It's so great to read this story again haha xD Gosh I'm laughing so much that I'm tearing up and my stomach hurt so bad lmao
Chapter 56: aahhh! i really love this story! i really wish it's on book so i can re-read anytime i want like other huntress's works :)
ahhh! re-reading this again! :))
102393 #8
Chapter 33: Why I can't read chapter 33? :(
Rivu_92 #9
Chapter 53: I love this story!
This is really beautiful!
evelym #10
Chapter 1: Omg im miss laughing bcoz this story,and that's why im gonna reread for dozen times