Temperature Ch. 3

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Back at home, Isis ran to tell her mother about the incident at the pool.
       "Have you gone to the hospital yet?" Mrs. Sharp asked.
       "No," Jayson answered, "I don't know what happened, we were playing a game I came back to the top and he was still down in the water. I got scared and I didn't know what to do."
       She picked up her keys and headed out the door, "Well let's go see if he's ok!"
       Isis followed along being her mother then turned to Jayson, "you coming?"
       "Um... no I'll stay, let me know how he is ok,"
       She gave a small smile, "ok," then closed the door.
       The room became eerie and quiet, "hmp," Jayson whispered to himself, "he's gone now, for good. My plan worked and Isis will forever be mine…"
       With a devious smile to his face we went to his room to wait for the news when Isis comes back.
       "J-Jayson killed Chase…." Elaine, Isis's ten year old little sister overheard Jayson's conversation with himself, "This isn't good…."

      Some hours later Isis came in and ran into her room crying her eyes out, Jayson was lying in bed before she came and saw this as his cue to enter Isis's room; she was sitting in her pink chair with her hands in her face.
       All Jayson could do was place a hand on her leg, "Isis….."
       "He's gone…" she cried, "dead and gone"
       Jayson held back a grin, "I'm so sorry to hear that…I really wish I could had done something," he explained, "I thought he would be right behind me, but I got scared and panicked myself…"
       "Don't blame yourself Jayson. It's my fault, I knew he didn't know how to swim, and I didn't do anything about it."
       He pulled her up to a tight hug, "Don't ever blame yourself Isis, no one knew this would happen. So don't you ever think it was your fault; because it wasn't."
       Isis sighed and whipped her puffy eyes, "I guess… I need to get some air and think to myself."
       'This is the recovering stage, I'll give her time to recover then she'll be all mine' Jayson went back into his room bumping into Elaine on his way, "whoops, sorry there,"
       "Hmmm, its fine," she mumbled while glaring at him.
       Elaine went into her parents room were her mom was lying down.
       "I need to talk to you,"
       "What's wrong?"
       "I…I heard Jayson talking to himself…"
       "Some people do that sweetie,"
       "No, but I heard him saying that he planned on killing Chase!"
       Her mother raised an eyebrow, "Sweetie, it's very rude to make a false rumor about someone. Jayson and his family are very sweet people,"
       "I know But—"
       "Hush young lady, now go to your room and think about what you said,"
       The little girl sighed and obeyed her mother's command, "okay"

      Four months have passed since Chase's death, the household has managed to accept and adapt the death. It was morning and Isis and Jayson was at the kitchen table doing homework, Elaine sat one the other end of the table and quietly gave Jayson a dirty look.
       "Hey, Jay… could you help me with this math?" she asked.
       "Sure, what part do you need help on?"
       Isis gave a small laugh and said, "Almost all of it, it's so confusing,"
       Jayson smiled, "Ha-ha, its ok I'll help you," he said as he began writing her paper.
       "Hey, um... Remember Alyssa?"
       "Yeah, why?
       "Ohh nothing, she was wondering if you were single that's all." She laughed
       He looked up into her eyes and grinned, "Well I am... say, let's go to my room and talk there, it's gotten a little loud down here."
       They grabbed all their notebooks and pencils and walked up into Jayson's room. Isis went in first while Jayson closed the door.
       "I really appreciate the help, I usually ask Chase but—" her eyes began to shine with tears.
       "Isis, don't work yourself up again ok, remember, nothing was your fault." He whispered.
       "I know," she spoke softly, "I keep saying I'll move on, I can't do anything… I can't dwell on the past and life will keep going no matter what."
       Jayson rubbed his neck, "Well, I'm here to talk to anytime."
       She managed to smile, "Thanks, I really appreciate it so much!"
       "Isis…" his voice became a little husk, "I really like you-- a Lot."
       Her faced burned, "I-I Like you Jay, but you see—"

       He cut her off with a soft romantic kiss on the lips as he combed his hands through her hair; Isis pulled her lips away only a centimeter but Jayson kissed her once more, but this time with tongue. Oddly enough she wrapped her arms around him and gave in to his kiss. Soon then Jayson pulled away placing a finger on her lips with a simple "Shh".


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tonialove #1
Chapter 4: i liked that story , it's pretty good ^_^
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Chapter 4: Wow did not see that coming and he looked soooo cute on the poster lol(^-^)
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This story has got me f***ed up in tooo many damn ways.....

Your a great writer because you scared the HELL out of me!

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O.O What the...wooooooow. That's crazy though. I am officially spooked. Thank you for that XD Jayson was friggin psycho as hell!