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This Life is Yours!


Infinite got into an accident. Kim Sunggyu went into coma... But then.. What was he doing on your bed?





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You,  Han Sora

University student who adores Kim Sunggyu from Infinite. Had a crush on your senior, Daniel Chae but growing closer to Kim Sunggyu, you began to doubt your feelings. Is extremely afraid of cockroaches. 

Kim Sunggyu

The leader of Infinite who went into coma. His soul wanders around. Only you can see him. Naggy but is very protective and takes good care of people. 



Jung Sunghee

Han Sora's best friend who worships Hoya. A crybaby and drama-queen but with a big heart.

Daniel Chae

Han Sora's senior from university.  President of the trekking club. He knows Han Sora's crush on him but ignored her at first because he thought she was such a nuisance. Eventually developed feelings for her. 


Han Kangjun

Han Sora's brother. Could be obnoxious at time. The closest family member to Han Sora. 

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infigyu #1
Chapter 79: Omggggggg i practically finish this whole in 24 hours or less!! Its such a nice and thrilling story though... Heart beats whenever there is flashback or bg vocal talking to sunggyu or sora... Gosh i almost die when sora was given a 'timeline' to surrender her life...
I'm sooooooooooo glad its a happy ending here after 79 long chapters... Hehe
Although i know there is actually another version of the ending which i am not too sure am imready to read though.. Haha
Akokbatarep #2
Chapter 79: I really loved this story and is one of my favorite sunggyu story.Your writing skills is also amazing and i hope u will keep on writing more amazing stories in the future.Now i'm off to reading "i now pronounce you husband and fangirl".Plz write more sunggyu fanfics cuz he's my ultimate bias in infinite(i'm suppose to stay loyal to hoya XD).Hwaiting Authornim,lots of love
Leehui #3
Chapter 79: Hello! This i my fifth time reading this fic and i really love it! It would be good if you can come up a sequeo for this fic. Good job in writing.
Himchannie96 #4
Chapter 80: Finish reading your story in one day. Your story are amazing and it also make me cry (my eyes is now hurt huhu T-T). I love the way your story go and i love sunggyu caracters in this story :)
kimmyungel #5
Chapter 21: Your story is good..but I think when you used "kim sunggyu pov" it should be when you tell the story from his side.. you become sunggyu so you should use "I" or "me" not "he" when you address sunggyu.. hope it help you to improve your story telling skills ^^ btw I just want to help dont get me wrong :)
aisyah91woo #6
Chapter 65: ohh my goddd !!!!!! i'm smiling along when starting the scene that sunggyu asked her to do that again >< it's very unexpected... there's no joke okey !! i really really love sunggyu's caracters in this kinda story ^^ i love u author-nim <3
FireRose800 #7
Chapter 79: OMG BELLY KIM SUNGGYU BELLY BELLY BELLY how recent is that picture :<

haha author this fic has been amazing to read, and your author notes and rants have always been super cute (i loved how you said you should change your aff name to badtofu. i was like, what? and then i scrolled up to see your account name as rebellioustofu and burst out laughing)
authour did you watch the show called the genius? sunggyu is on it and hes awesome :)
aisyah91woo #8
Chapter 43: ohhh... i love the end part :') soooo sweeet TT.TT
aisyah91woo #9
Chapter 30: oohhh .... :') that so sweet XD sunggyu almost kiss her !!!!! TT TT