This Life is Yours!


Infinite got into an accident. Kim Sunggyu went into coma... But then.. What was he doing on your bed?





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You,  Han Sora

University student who adores Kim Sunggyu from Infinite. Had a crush on your senior, Daniel Chae but growing closer to Kim Sunggyu, you began to doubt your feelings. Is extremely afraid of cockroaches. 

Kim Sunggyu

The leader of Infinite who went into coma. His soul wanders around. Only you can see him. Naggy but is very protective and takes good care of people. 



Jung Sunghee

Han Sora's best friend who worships Hoya. A crybaby and drama-queen but with a big heart.

Daniel Chae

Han Sora's senior from university.  President of the trekking club. He knows Han Sora's crush on him but ignored her at first because he thought she was such a nuisance. Eventually developed feelings for her. 


Han Kangjun

Han Sora's brother. Could be obnoxious at time. The closest family member to Han Sora. 

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gyuwifey #1
Chapter 3: Im reading this again and its remind me to what happen to ladies code T.T
pupils #2
sunggyu is a wandering soul!!!!!!!!
Kpopfanfan_elf #3
Chapter 18: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd
loveyousweetie #4
I'm getting very emotional towards this story! Great job, author!!!
infinitely_L #5
Chapter 80: OMG! THIS IS TOO MUCH THE FEELS ARE OVERFLOWING! you need to know that i just read this fic in just ONE SITTING! i sat for like 6 hours just to finish this fic! i decided to comment after i only finished reading. I so love everything about this story. so far, i haven't read any story with a plot similar to yours. that's why (1) I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH,and (2), IT'S SUNGGYU!!! i mean who can resist a fanfic where the hamster is the main story. and mostly i really looked forward whenever i was finishing the chapter because you almost always had a Gyu pic in the next chap hahahahha. and i LOVE it so much that every story that you wrote is about infinite. I actually just finished reading your other fic yesterday "I now pronounce you Husband and Fangirl". and i must say, that so far, i loved everything about this story and that story. i just feel kind of sad since there really is no prominent best friend figure like Myungsoo in "i now pronounce you husband and fangirl". I really LOVED his character there especially since he is my ultimate bias T^T. anyways, i'm going to sleep now since it's almost 4 a.m. here and my mom is threatening to cut of the internet connection if i don;t go to sleep yet. I'll just read the alternate ending of this fic later today

P.S. I really loved the rated chaps. -^^- ahhahaha i'm so byuntae ( i hope i'll dream of Myungsoo) anyways, keep writing author-nim! never stop! maybe you'll get published one day! Hwaiting!
kirankirankirankiran #6
Chapter 1: Second time reading this fic!
Angelini #7
Chapter 79: I love your fanfic. And now my emotions are also all over the place.
kpopoumi #8
Chapter 39: My heart really hurts while reading this fanfic.... I tink I would die without even ending the story T-T
MisaPanda #9
Chapter 79: Second time reading this fanfic