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Sora widened her eyes before her mouth hung open and gibberish words came out. Sunggyu was still looking at her sharply; his hands were dangerously near the edge of her blouse.


Sora gasped out loud before pushing Sunggyu away and shouted, "Per... PERVERT!"


She got up quickly and managed to stood up, feeling her heart was jumping like mad in her chest before Sunggyu stood up and caught her hand before she could even walk away.

"LET GO! LET GO!" She screamed, shaking off Sunggyu's hand in horror but Sunggyu's grip was totally firm.


Sunggyu walked up to her and turned her around into him.

"Let go!!!" She bellowed again, struggling in Sunggyu's embrace.

"Ahh... I'm happy." Sunggyu said, almost quietly.

Sora stopped struggling. "Dae... dae?"

"I'm happy."

"You're happy because you're a pervert?" Sora asked, bluntly, feeling uncomfortable that her torso was against his chest... His... well-built chest... Sora shook her head.

"I'm happy because that is the first word that you said to me."

"Mwuh?" Sora was dumbstruck, at loss of words.

"Even the tone is similar. Except that at that time, you threw me a book; a really thick book." He laughed, still holding Sora's back.


Sora calmed down a bit. "Why would I call you a pervert at that time?"

Sunggyu let her go and smiled meaningfully. "You think?"


He turned away and began walking towards the door.

"Wait, Kim Sunggyu-sshi! What do you mean by that?"

Sunggyu only laughed and opened the door and went out.


It couldn't be, Sora thought.

He was kissing me to get me to remember... but why did he ask me whether I was wearing the monitor or not? And what did he mean when he said 'you think?'? Nothing... Nothing happened, right?



Sora walked out as well to find him standing in front of the door which scared the hell out of her and she held her chest, feeling her heart skipped a beat then.

"Kim Sunggyu-sshi, are you trying to kill me?" She asked, almost panting.

Sunggyu was genuinely sorry as he had forgotten about her condition. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Sora said, pouting and walked ahead downstairs. She got in the car and Sunggyu got in the passenger's seat, looking at her with fascination.



"What... what are you looking at?"

"It seems like kissing makes you remember a lot of thing"

Sora blushed and felt her face burning. "It... IT WASN'T TH...

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xxkpopbiasloverxx () says about chapter 80:
Holy krisus...I just have one thing to say..That fanfic..WAS OMO AMAZING!!! THE BEST! DAEBAK!!! The best fanfic I have read so far and is also one of my favs now ^^ that would be so cool if this was made into a movie or something, and if it was,you dont know how many times I would watch it!! :D the making love scene omf- I got a total nosebleed while reading it and I pictured like,every single detail o.o ( curse ma dirty mind >< ) I give this fanfic 5 stars! ☆☆☆☆☆ and for hearts... infinite amount of heartz for this!! ♥♥♥♥ Omg just loved this fic~ *^* beautifully well done, Tofu o u ob

NanazDaira () says about chapter 80:
Awe ~~ I love this story so much and I remember that I always laugh when I read the author notes . You're so funny , I tell you . By the way , I love all of their kisses . Hehehehe :3 and the M chapter is kinda long and it make me so nervous ! By the way , good job ! I want more please ~~~ *show you my twinkled eyes*

harachan () says about chapter 78:
Wow i just found this fanfic and it's one of the best fanfic i've ever read^^! Why i just discovered this fanfic huuu ㅠ.ㅠ bye the way really really awesome story author-nim^^!

ParkChinji () says about chapter 79:
OMFG one of the 'bestest' fics out there. Lol. Totally hooked with the plot. Idk why I just read this or why I just discovered this fic now. Nevertheless totally love this one. Good job ♡♡

InfiniteAddictxD () says about chapter 80:
;A; I hope everything's fine ;-; You worked hard for this ff and it's amazing *^*
Still can't believe people still do this :/

xiuhonewh () says about chapter 80:
Ohgod?? its a shame you're my favorite writer and tahaminey!! claiming this ohhh no she didnt

PaolaDiego () says about chapter 80:
Im a Big fan of taheminey I now its not her.

ohdear () says about chapter 53:
I dont leave comments but I have to say I love love love this story. My music playlist is on shuffle and can you smile started playing while I was reading ch. 53. I have around 500 songs and that song plays. what are the chances! It fit perfectly and I was teary eyed. Lol

alessia () says about chapter 80:
okay, that was sick. seriously, plagiarism need to stop. I'm sorry for u and hoyadori for these matter. when I first read it I was like "oh? Tofu speaks that language? and she's 15?!" then I read the explanation and went "I KNEW IT!"

kpopshawolinspirit () says about chapter 80:
unnie!!! that's really...aish!! himnae unnie! it only means that you're a great writer!

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