Because of his service mistake in delivering milk, Luhan ended up being milked by one of his Aunt's customer: Kris, a kind of possessive man who owns a company. The story goes on as Kris gets to know the younger male more when he met Luhan’s very open-minded mother, Victoria until they end up being together as Kris fell in love very quickly to Luhan.

Will Luhan find himself fallin...

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Ariana_87 #1
Chapter 21: WELCOME BACK!!! OMG!!!!
ParadiseExo #2
welcome back!! Gald that you're back again!
ekinz31 #3
Chapter 21: Welcome back!!!! Even short update i am ok. Thank you very much
happyviruses92 #4
Chapter 21: finally after years of waiting *___*
flowerboysnextdoor97 #5
Chapter 21: Nooooooooo cliffhanger nooooooooooo
x-xKpoploverx-x #6
Chapter 21: Omg you updated omg *tears of happiness*...
Noooooooo whyyyyyyyyy dont leave it like that Dx things were just getting good...
Of yifan will come back luhan cause he wont be able to live without his lulu ^^
audbear #7

Please update again, this story makes my day, and it just makes me sad that it's not completed yet.
Lemonpopp #8
Chapter 21: I miss your writing :<
firaa96 #9
Chapter 21: I miss you a lot :(
firaa96 #10
Chapter 21: What??? Its tbc already?? I need moreeee hikss. Anyway i really miss you so damn bad authornim. I just check my subscribed story and then i see you updated this story omgg i am just too happy huhu. Pls be active again :( and anw this story really make my day! Thank you!! I will wait for the next chapter :)))