Because of his service mistake in delivering milk, Luhan ended up being milked by one of his Aunt's customer: Kris, a kind of possessive man who owns a company. The story goes on as Kris gets to know the younger male more when he met Luhan’s very open-minded mother, Victoria until they end up being together as Kris fell in love very quickly to Luhan.

Will Luhan find himself fallin...

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YamiKeitsuki #1
Chapter 20: Ongomgomg so much feels!! Omg I pvoe this story!
Brittanyy #2
Update soon~
anneber #3
Chapter 20: Normally I only read Kryber know, the ones with Krystal and Amber from the group f(x). For some reason I stumbled upon this gem. In 2 days, I have read this story 3 times. My house is a wreck and I haven't eaten but two meals and am starving now. I have been to church and the store only. After the 3rd reading, I finally feel sated and can go cook. I would love to know your nationality and how long you have been studying the English language. You have written a phenomenal story. Thank you for a RIVETING read and I can NOT wait til you update.
deerkingdom #4
Chapter 20: OMG! I want a mom like that!!
XXBangtanBoysXX #5
What where's chapter -cries endless oceans- I loved im like freaking out in gonna cry like for real oh my god a tears competing down my face why this story was so amazing and touchy and just oh my oh my oh my I'm in love with your story it's just oh my god and all the descriptive parts of the story it's just a master piece that should be published I haven't read something that's made me emotional in forever except for this fine piece of wrong I wish there's a sequel you can leave me hanging I read it all using my day from 11 in the morning to 12 at night and it was just so oh my god Luhan and Kris the krishan feels right I'm getting the feels the feels I love your story so much don't stop
dsoldier04 #6
sequel author-nim??
MilkyStar17 #7
Fantabulously #8
holy . \(◉-◉)/
Zelo-lover #9
Congrats author-nim~
bbuingae #10