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Because of his service mistake in delivering milk, Luhan ended up being milked by one of his Aunt's customer: Kris, a kind of possessive man who owns a company. The story goes on as Kris gets to know the younger male more when he met Luhan’s very open-minded mother, Victoria until they end up being together as Kris fell in love very quickly to Luhan.

Will Luhan find himself falling with the man as well?

Special Thanks

I would like to thank and credit ≶Selcouth≷ for the lovely poster and background. Thank you very much!



* Luhan of EXO-M, 18

* Yifan (Kris) of EXO-M, 22, Owns a company at an early age


* Victoria of f(x), 35, Luhan's mother: loving, caring and "open"

* Minseok of EXO-M, 18, Luhan's besfriend and Yixing's boyfriend

* Yixing (Lay) of EXO-M, 21, Minseok's boyfriend

* Tao of EXO-M, 5, Luhan's friend and the son of Jessica

* Jessica of Girls' Generation, 33, Victoria's friend and Tao's mommy

* Chanyeol of EXO-K, 22, Kris' bestfriend and works for him. Months younger than Kris.

* Baekhyun of EXO-K, Chanyeol's boyfriend

* Seohyun of Girls' Generation, Kris' secretary

* Sehun of EXO-K

* Kai of EXO-K

* Yunho of TVXQ, Jessica's husband


* Amber, Luna and Sulli of f(x)

* Tiffany of Girls' Generation



"Give me your milk.”

"B-But I gave it to you already… I-I do not have anything left.” Luhan said, trembling under Kris’ touch. Kris chuckled.

“I said I want yours.”


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Xiomary2027l #1
Chapter 20: Why didn't yifan take luhan with him or marriage him before left.. Please update!!!!
teufelchen_netty #2
Chapter 9: Vic is weird to hell them xd
teufelchen_netty #3
Chapter 4: Poor luhan. First time and then this
teufelchen_netty #4
Chapter 2: Ui ui. Luhan geht Messer up xd
Julianeka #5
Chapter 20: I hope you'll update this.
It's good story
kyuminkisslove #6
author-nim, I miss you,please update *sorry to be rude*
firaa96 #7
When will you update this story authornim? I miss u and this story so much :(
pooponxiu #8
Chapter 20: Authornim, please update~
lalakim95 #9
Chapter 20: Daebak, jakkanim fighting!