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Myungsoo Facts

Since he’s become a singer, tried acting, and been in a fashion show, the next thing Myungsoo wants to challenge is being a hair designer. * ouulaala *


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Nia_B2uty #1
Wow you do a good job!!! There are many facts in this!!! Sunggyu is so precious :3
NUESTvip #2
Chapter 20: Strawberries are my favourite fruit ;P
bwbdhs #3
Chapter 5: omg kim myungsoo *-*
Meowboii #4
Chapter 105: This is so precious. I am so proud to be part of this fandom. These boys are so amazing. Thank you for doing this! (*´・v・)
lillythao #5
Chapter 35: yup, a insprit for 3 years now~
lillythao #6
Chapter 101: Awe gyu is that why you always get punish in Weekly Idol. T.T Fighting!!
forever-alone23 #7
Chapter 64: High five DongWoo. I can't swim either..
forever-alone23 #8
My favorite's L too! :D
put_up #9
Chapter 70: B.A.P~!!!!!!!
the_queen_of_spades #10
Chapter 60: well he's prettier than me and most of the girls in my grade...