Jung Da Eun

by LeeMirAh
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Da Eun is sitting in front of her house, been thinking and dreaming at the same time. The gentle breeze could be felt, and she's loving this peaceful feeling. Her mind feel so free, looking at the blue sea and small boats floating. Perhaps one of those belong to her father, she didnt even sure.

Right at this moment, Da Eun feels so lonely. This house feels so empty, and silence fill up the space. She's still waiting for her younger sister and brother, Da Hae and Dae Hyun. Probably they are on their way back, cycling all the way from their school. For sure, they'll be tired enough and go to sleep immediately after a long way of cycling.


Reminiscing old time, high school era. It felt like yesterday Da Eun leaves school but in fact, it's been almost 3 years and she'll turn 22 soon. If only she have already been married, she could already have two or three times by this time. Da Eun smiled to herself. Married? To who?

"to Prince Charming of course." Da Eun chuckled.
"Like i dont know who your Prince Charming is..." Jun Hee reply, laughing at the same time. "Suho oppa, right?"

Since back in the school before, Jun Hee keep on pairing these two people together, Jung Da Eun and Kim Suho. She keep on bragging over her cousin as if Suho is the most handsome guy in the entire high school and how lucky if Da Eun could be his girlfriend. Whereas, there's nothing between them. A pure friendship, friend. Yep, just friend.

"You've done promoting your beloved cousin? Cant you think of someone else? Hey, he's not the only good guy in this village okay" Da Eun said, sarcastically.

Da Eun is trying her hard not to show the throb she feels inside, The fact that her heart go all the way flattering just by hearing his name, it's like her world change all of sudden. Becoming more and more divine. But she couldnt show it off. She's still too young for this thing called love and her mom wont allow it. 

Jun Hee burst into laughter listening to Da Eun's words. 
"But seriously Da Eun, i really think Suho have somekind of feeling towards you. Trust me, i know him for a long time."

More and more old memories coming and Da Eun's eyes starting to become watery. Sad and happy at the same time. If only her mom was still here, she wont be this lonely. Her mom will never get tired nagging at them, advising at the same time.

"You are a grown up girl. Take a better care of yourself" Mrs. Jung Eun Kyung keep on reminding the same thing to Da Eun.

Mrs Jung get worried enough when suddenly there's a news saying her daughter is being too close to Kim Suho, the one and only son of the village chief. It's not like she doesnt like him, but he's the son of respectable person, someone who isnt suit to be a part of a poor family like them.

"Omma, i dont have anything with Suho oppa. We're just friend. He's my senior in school afterall. Ahah, and he is Jun Hee's cousin too. You dont have to worry about all this ridiculous thing, i'll focus on my study instead" Da Eun embrace of her mother's arm, affectionately.

It was 3 years ago but it felt like it was just yesterday, She still remember how Jun Hee used to tease her before and Suho's alluring smile... But now, it's all gone. As soon as they finished high school graduation, Jun Hee decided to work at Seoul. Her hardwoks paid. She is one of the top model there nowadays. Her face keep on appearong in front of  various magazines and advertisements. As for Suho, he's already in his final semester, majoring in General Engineering in Seoul National University, one of the best university in Korea.

Mrs, Jung passed away 3 years ago. At that time, Da Hae and Dae Hyun were still young and Da Eun was not ready to carry the responsibility for being one of the head of family, replacing her mom's place. But she had to for the sake of her younger sister and brother. 

"Hello... eonni!! You're daydreaming? What did you cooked today? I'm so hungry, eonni" Da Hae whined.
"Dont tell me you are thinking of Suho oppa... again!!"

Da Eun blushed. Oh please dont mention that name. I will have that flattering feeling again. Stay cool, Da Eun-ah. Control it! Dont show it in front of them. She cried in her heart. 
Da Eun glares at her younger sister. If she react to this, Da Hae will keep on teasing her. She ended up being silence.
"Admit it eonni... You think i dont know? Dont be shy."

Da Hae keep on teasing her sister, "Argggg eonni, you are so boring! It's either you confess or i'll keep this letter for myself"

"Letter?" Da Eun jump at that word. "Where? Where? Give it to me!!"
"Eyyy,,, and here come the respond. It's only a letter, duh~~~"

Da Hae toss the letter that she took from the small grocery store before to Da Eun. She immediately run off to her room afterward, avoiding her sister. Or not, she'll get a deathly pinch from her beloved sister.

Da Eun smile, holding and looking at the letter. A letter from Seoul. She could already figured out who the sender is and she smile more and more widely.



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♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (^.^)v

icebergprincess () says about chapter 17:
omigosh i felt so bad for da eun TT kai is such a JERK haha~but i stil love him<3

Kissmeseob () says about chapter 49:
Finish~ it's been a while since a story made me cry and this story just did its wonders :) i love it so much!

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ahhh no wonder the plot looks same.. and that novel really awesome.. gonna read

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Can't say anything else.. This story just too great!<3

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Awwwwwww the ending was perfect..... But towards the end you shoulve put more detail about their child.. i wanna know if its a girl or boy >.< but the end was so sweet!!!! Im glad bora got caught red handed *muahahah* ♡♥

Bartoo12 () says:
Great ff! Keep up the goood work!

Bartoo12 () says:
Great ff! Keep up the goood work!

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great story! :)
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