49. Taeny Fact

★Girls' Generation's Facts!☼❤

Taeny Fact #4'


Tiffany walked to the stage with her broken leg to give a bouquet of flowers for taeng cuz SNSD win an award.


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TimelessStories #1
please do YulSic facts! and YoonSic facts! :D
TheMightyFall #2
Chapter 41: Aigooo... She cares for the people around her :')
JeTiHyun #3
Chapter 55: Awww... JeTi facts.. Totally make me loves them more...
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 4: OMG! Really? She slept on the elevator? O.O
karinfrance #5
Chapter 59: gawd! TaengSic photo is so hilarious ! shocking! LMAO xD
trawrr #6
Chapter 59: And omg thank you for recommending YoonYul & TaeNy videos..now time for YoonYul & TaeNy spazzing ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
trawrr #7
Chapter 58: I haven't been subscribing to this for a long time, but I'm glad you're back!! ^^ I love these and this YoonYul fact is so cute aofhaoud
TheMightyFall #8
Chapter 57: I'll be waiting for your update :D I love this :3
TheMightyFall #9
Chapter 52: Woah! JeTi was born in the same hospital O.o Amazing...
-kaejee #10
Chapter 34: Aw ~ Yoong says that she's upset when she's upset and When I am angry with my friends, I would keep on telling them 'I am angry" xD