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EXO Pairings

Wazzaup guys, isn't this cute? Lots of EXO pairings..

Personally, I don't have EXO pairings coz whenever I see another pair, my choice changes.

But I'm liking LayHan pair >_<


Subbies,  who is your favorite EXO pairing?



cr. to the owner


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Terissa #1
Chapter 97: Teacher: Kai
Best Friend: Suho
Crush on you: Baekhyun
Bully: Chanyeol
First Crush: D.O
Boyfriend: Chanyeol
My boyfriend and my bully
Cocoa10345 #2
Chapter 110: I got Sehun every time I dragged, which was about five times. Wierd.
teleport2uranus #3
Chapter 8: This made me laugh so hard
irene_cute #4
Chapter 112: i should give this to my friends on valentines. yes. i should.
irene_cute #5
Chapter 86: SeLay why so cuuuute?
irene_cute #6
Chapter 53: everything in exo is weird. but can't help but laugh! hahahaha
stacie_sone #7
Chapter 3: Gonna try this if my friend ask me to solve it~
stacie_sone #8
Chapter 2: Haha,oh my god...Kris haha^^
XiaoYein #9
Chapter 73: Admin are you remove some of the photos?
-R-E-E #10
Chapter 1: Even their manager is awesome. WTH. Lee Seung Hwan FTW XD