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Chapter 23

Min Hee felt a forceful tug at her heart before her eyes suddenly shot wide open. Her breathing was hard and uneven. It was the most awful nightmare that she ever had. Clutching her heart tightly in one palm, her eyes scattered around the room in search of a face that she missed so much. Slowly, she pulled herself up from the bed. There was no one around. Without warning, a trail of tears flow down her cheeks as she brought the other palm to her heart and held it tight. Suddenly, it felt like it was being ripped apart. She didn’t understand why. Desperate for company, she tried to get off the bed when she suddenly felt pain on her knees. She swiftly removed the heavy comforter from herself to examine the source of pain. A frown formed on her forehead as she tried to remember what could’ve caused those scratches. Leaving the spot of where she thought her heart might be, she brought both her hands to caress her knees instead which were heavily swollen. Only then that she notice that her arm muscles were sore and her hips were bruised. Bringing her arm to wrap around herself, all she could think of at the moment is Shim Changmin. She needed him by her side now, to protect her from the fear that is slowly taking over her. She wiped away the tears that were still falling and encouraged herself to stand up. “Min Hee…” a man’s voice called out to her from the door. She turned her head around to find the concerned face of her friend, Kim Junsu. She wanted to greet him, but she can’t seem to find her voice. Instead she tried to smile, which turn out to be bitter. Maybe it’s because of the dried tears effects down her cheeks. Junsu came closer to help her get up since she had trouble to straighten her knees at first. “T-thanks…” she mumbled soft...

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5treasures #1
Chapter 36: This is the first ChangminxOC fic I've ever like. Read this in one go beautiful story. I really liked it!

Ps. I was hoping for some Appa Changmin action tho hahaha! XD
indeliblememories #2
Chapter 36: NICE. Q.Q I LOVVVVE ITTTTTTT! This is one of those rare times for me to read an action fanfic! :3 I lovve it~. thank you!
--Moonie #3
seems interesting
tegomin #4
Chapter 36: Nice story..Please post some of the deleted scened you've written..
andrius #5
Chapter 36: amazing story!
mkjc_III #6
Chapter 36: Beautiful story! I finally finished this! SO SWEET AND LOVING >.<
ZakhirahMeyh #7
Chapter 36: nice story! :)
yuncasso #8
Hello...glad to know that you write thepreqyal of dejavu...mind sharing link to ur journal...thanks
hazel_marie13 #9
Chapter 36: glad everything was okay & they will no longer feel that they're unsafe or danger is coming onto them! really like the ending even though one of the twins may suffer from lifetime illness :( your story is really unique & you really did a good job on writing this story ;)
hazel_marie13 #10
Chapter 29: So Junsu was in love with Min Hee? But I think he should stop from loving her because just like what Songsun said, she's already married to his friend. He really loves her too much that he rather protect Min Hee rather than Changmin. will want to know what happen next so will continue reading :)