Hello~! SHINee Oneshots.


Five different girls(/YOU) have relationships with the SHINee boys that either lead to


LOVE  or




well, thats pretty much for description. It isn't as dramatic as it sounds, quite the opposite actually -_-;


SHINee oneshots I thought up while studying for my exams ^^


they may be disappointing, but I really like the Titles for each oneshot xDD


comments, either good or bad are WELCOMED ^^



Nothing's Unlockable with an Alimighty Key (Key's oneshot): Chapter 1

Freshen your Breath with a Taemint (Taemin oneshot: Chapter  CcccbvChapter 2

Blame It On that O-new Condition-er (Onew's oneshot): Chapter 3

 Everyone Needs A Little Bling Bling In Their Life (Jonghyun's one twoshot): Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Warm Up With A Flaming Charisma (Minho twoshot):: Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

 Second Round

Onew Twoshots: Chapter 9 and Chapter 10

Taemin Twoshots: Chapter 11 and Chapter 12


The ones next up: MINHO AND JONGHYUN.

Not completed yet, but I'm done the first part to Jjong's....it's a TWO-parter :D

Minho's is coming along, I wrote out the beginning at school :P


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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 13: Minho! Minho please!
my_hoe_suho #2
Key xD
ilovepicture #3
The Minho one!!!
New subscriber here!
I'll try not to be a silent reader!
Hwaiting autor-sshi!
iloverice #4
Freshen your breath with Taemint. HAHA. CLEVERR! & i loved the storyline! It was hilarious & as I said before, clever. Now I'm gonna think about it every time I brush my teeth LOL =)
minhojong #5
GracieP #6
Just like to say that I really enjoyed your 'OneShots'. I would have to say that my favourite ones were the Onew one. They were so cute! Keep up the good work.
Yamasau #7
can't you just make one for all of them because they are all equally epic?!
JjongTiger #8
jonghyun ;D
ChingLan #9
The Jonghyun one :)
Jonghyun (//∇//) !