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Before debut, the members practiced MAMA for 3-4 months.

Source: fyeahexofacts

Congrats to loverain123 for answering the previous question correctly!

Quiz Question

Why is Kai's nickname Kkamjong?


Kai's nickname is Kkamjong because Kkam means dark and Kai has dark skin compared to the other members. His real name is Kim Jong In.


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sparklychanyeol () says about chapter 41:
Isn't it Lay?

justKayepop () says about chapter 91:
at first i was like KAI i love you but now that i observe his past photos, he reminds me of my brother O.O my evil brother >.< they have the same face uwaah!!! :'(

justKayepop () says about chapter 77:
LoL really now? well good for him :D

justKayepop () says about chapter 47:
now that's what you call hiding XD Kris you the man !!! :D

justKayepop () says about chapter 2:
XD i have the same birthday as SEHUN XD i love it <3

tiffanytheturtle () says:
the gifs and pics match so well~

onoGabe () says about chapter 18:
Fact number 18 about Tao; :0! Noway guys -___- I was surprised! Whatever he did, I STILL LOVE HIM! <3 Thanks for making this author-ssi :)

suhotastic () says:
Oh thank god im a new exotic this helped alot

romrom20 () says about chapter 172:
also me my blood type is O :)

k2j_two () says about chapter 28:
Fact number 28 about Sehun...ha practices his expressions? What expression? Facial? That's quite ironic.. Hahaha. Seeing as he has a lot of pics of his emotionless face..

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