SM is in the TOWN

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SM's artists: Kangta, BoA, DBSK, CSJH, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, etc.


What will happen if the artists of SMTOWN open a SM’s forum?

Obviously some chaotic moments  :)

Unknown (and some well-known) Secrets;

Love and Scandals;

Flirts and Fights;

Anything that used to be kept inside dorms and behind closed doors.

But honestly,

Is there really anything new about our favorite town inhabitants?

Let’s check!


“SM is in the TOWN yo!!!”



This is another collaboration from glamzchic and kyuseo23286.

It will be written in different format with our other fanfics:)
You’ ll found a “Facebook” looks-a-like format, something that was inspiring by some similar fanfics already written in AFFs that we like so much.

But of course, the contents are totally new and original :)

We hope we could  provide you the hypes and the hits of all new development that happened in SMTOWN lately.

Expect hillarious and silly conversations, lovable, and dorky idols.

Hope our stories will make brighten your days! ^^

P.S.: There will be no steady relationship here (except Shindong-Nari of course),

 but a lot of crackships, flirtatious moments, scandals, etc :D

And we’ re sorry if sometimes our biasness floated,

but pinky promise that we will always try our best to provide other pairings’ moments :)

So enjoy it ^___^

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JungieKwon () says about chapter 8:
Thisssss is DAEBAK xD
Update soon :)
And more more more Seohan, pleaseeeee Author nim >w<

SueSoo () says about chapter 8:
can i give some suggestion? u know right seohyun is already have a kiss scene in Passionate Love.. why dont u make some part about that. i want to know what their reaction when see that..haha~ *broken english. miannei

SueSoo () says about chapter 4:
hoho~ everything about seohyun stories make me excited to read~ more seoexo, seoshinee, seodbsk.. hoho

ELForever22 () says about chapter 8:
wow~ update soon.. more SeoHan please =))

blingest () says:
Hohoho I love this~

babykero14 () says about chapter 8:
Waaaah!!!! I really love it !!! Update soon please author :D and more seoexo and seokyu moments please !!! Thank you !!!

MrsKhunnie () says:
Update soon authornim ! More seohan pls ?

chaecha () says about chapter 8:
Author nim... please update :)

Abbie_Taing () says about chapter 8:
Update plssssssssssssss

Rizumu () says about chapter 5:

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