Baekhyun: Hey, Buddy!


Being the new girl in your new school has never felt this way before.

Let's just say a certain someone made your first day of school a little more different than the usual.

*Rated G for seldom use of inappropriate words*




Is this too small a description?


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I'm really glad to announce that this fic has been listed in the 2012 AFF EXO Fanfic Awards Masterlist. Thank you, Ai_Hasu, for nominating me. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been in the list at all. Words can't even describe how thankful I am.


This is my first fanfiction, guys. So go easy on me.

It's written in 2nd person, just so you know. So it involved YOU and Baekhyun. Fantasize all you want! (See what i did there, 'cause... my username... it's... no?)

Umm... yeah, so i hope you readers will take an interest to this, and share, spread the word to people. I'd be really greatful if i get more readers everyday, even if it's just one. 

Feel free to give me some constructive criticism - advice, feedback, etc. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, guys!


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Bts_army13 #1
Chapter 37: DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!! Usually I don't like too much drama and plot twists but I freaking loved this. Definitely one of my favorites (I've been running into so many great stories lately XD). Going to start reading the sequel now.
reemeyenteng #2
Chapter 37: It's great hehe although I'm yet quite confused n was expecting a sweet ending tho
oktarini #3
Chapter 35: Just finished this :D but- idk.. theres still so much questions in my head abt this story. And the ending is really unexpected tbh.
Well, it's great story overall!!!! Good job authornim ;)
oktarini #4
Chapter 16: HOLYSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIz I almost die while read this chapter >______< I love you so much authornim but I love lovey dovey baek the most :D
typicals #5
Chapter 35: One of the nicest fanfic I've read tbh :') really enjoy it! going to read the sequel nowwww
exotic_dark_paradise #6
ryeoraa18 #7
Chapter 36: dawwww nice story :)
and glad that you made the sequel ;)
thank you very much<3
dyyobi_ #8
Chapter 1: a very long chapter but interesting ^^
c_young123 #9
Chapter 4: OMG YOU'RE TOO CUTE!!! i cannot take this and im just beginning -_- so excited and i really like your writing! usually authors annoy me with their non-descriptive, blunt, boring, and gramatically incorrect writing, but yours is so good! i was not expecting bad boy baekhyun! im in love even more
402414 #10
Chapter 3: Don't you think the names are too white for this story ? It doesn't give off a Korean feeling...