Ideal Types!

by ilove2smile
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C.A.P: "I like someone who’s charming, has their very own personality and also someone who likes rap." 
Chunji: "I like someone who has a long straight hair and double eyelid. Also, someone who takes charge and pushes me around." 
L.Joe: "I like someone who’s cute and acts cute a lot. Also, someone who looks good without makeup." 
Niel: "I like someone who’s nice and good-tempered." 
Ricky: "I like someone who acts cute a lot and someone who will understands me." 
Changjo: "My ideal-type is someone who acts cute alot and cute in appearance. I also like someone who looks pretty when they smile." 

I'm not exactly sure if these are still true though...Please comment if not! :)
Thanks to vipbanaangel and VIPANGEL for this :D
A/N: I'm super busy this week... so sorry in advance for inconsistent updates.. 

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littlesoo () says about chapter 23:
am I Changjo's ideal >_> I saw them 2 days ago and he kept looking at me but I am Chanhee stan pls Jonghyun

MayaWith () says about chapter 1:
Omg......why does L.joe weigh less than me?.....T.T im actually really thin....but how? We are the same height...maybe im taller by 1 centimeter....damnit...

Anna_Banana () says about chapter 23:
L.joe's ideal type is Hyuna;-;

Changrick_mania () says about chapter 8:
why can't eat? i don't like cucumber and don't eat.i am happy my bias is same with me.

baekyeolexo87 () says about chapter 9:
ChangJo so cute!!
update soon!!

jaekpoplova () says about chapter 23:
ㅋㅋㅋ I for once could be a singers ideal? What?!0.o

baoZicaekeu () says about chapter 11:
true! < true

annabelle7 () says about chapter 33:
I love teentop, my bias is cap.....

choc123 () says:
why no changjo?

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