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  1. When Kai Finally Meets His Match - hiinmoriamu (OC: Song Eun Chae)
  2. When Luhan Agrees to Date a Fanboy - SkyDragonHyunF0L0Y0 (OC: HyunMin/Sky)
  3. When You and Chanyeol Have an Ice Creame Date - choding_namu (OC: Yoon Hyera)
  4. When Kris Begs You to Take Him Back - TheUnknownGirl (OC: Min Ae Rin)
  5. When Luhan and You Collide Trolleys at the Mart - damien)alley (OC: Han Mi Nyeo)
  6. When Baekhyun Proposes on Stage - twinsister (OC: Yoonhee)
  7. When Suho's Visiting You and You're Trying Your Best to Hide That You're Sick, But He Knows It - shinee99
  8. When You're Really Sick And Kris Leaves Work Early to Take Care of You - XxKonxX
  9. When Chanyeol Forces You to Go Watch Fireworks Together But You're Scared of Them - Chanyoua
  10. When Yixing's Jealous Because of Your Skinship With the Other Members - countcain00
  11. When Kai Asks You to Dance History With Him and Then He Confesses After - blackANDwhite30
  12. When You and Minseok Fight and Then Break-Up - adibah_YSW
  13. When Kris Notices You In a Cafe and Ends Up Falling For You - NatInfintizxc23
  14. When Kyungsoo Gets Jealous of Kris - queenofnothing
  15. When You Don't Take Notice of Chanyeol Because You Adore Sehun But He Saves You From Harrassers - Miss_Kim
  16. When Kris Teachers You Basketball For the Sake of the Team But You Guys End Up Kissing - ELANiEE
  17. When Chanyeol Gets Really Jealous and Then Gets Angry At You - nazaiya
  18. When Kai Acts Like He Secretly Hates You And you Return with Mutual Feelings But He Actually Likes You - redplanet
  19. When Your Best Friend Luhan Kisses You On Your Birthday and Confesses His Feelings - redplanet
  20. When Your Boyfriend, Lay, Gets Jealous of Your Best Friend, Baekhyun - layyixinglover
  21. When Luhan Gets Jealous That You Call Everyone Else Oppa But Him - Miyoung-
  22. When Kris Is Just of Your Relationship With Your Childhood Friend - --Angelmato-- (OC: Camille)
  23. When Kris Tries to Win Over Your Parents Hearts During Their First Meeting - omgitslydia
  24. When Luhan Finds You Crying In the Rain and He Comforts You Only to Confess Later - unicornbaby
  25. When You Are Kidnapped and Lay Saves You - Codename777Colours
  26. When You and Jongin Have a Second Daughter - exoJBs
  27. When Kris Falls in Love With an Emo - mellow_marshmallow
  28. When Sehun Fights For Love - NamTaeHyun (OC: Lee MiHyun)
  29. When Luhan Falls From a Rock Hillside, While Dying His Gumiho Girlfriend Saves Him - GirlTwirl
  30. When Sehun Wants to Meet Your Parents - VIP4EVER0912
  31. When You Have a Twin That Kai Accidently Kisses Thinking It Was You But Latter He Tries to Persuade You To Believe Him - anispinky
  32. When The Other Members Tease You and Kai For Showing PDA At Disneyland - aktf5dbsk
  33. When Baekhyun Teases His Girlfriend All Day Because It's Her Birthday - Minny--
  34. When Sehun's Wife Asks For a Divorce and He Finally Realizes That He Loves Her - NamiHyuNmi (OC: HyunRi)
  35. When Luhan Proposes After Your First Kiss - leeharahan (OC: Park Hara)
  36. When You're Mad at Tao and He Aegyo For You to Forgive Him - Iceyx3
  37. When Yixing Wants a Second Chance at Your Relationship - emiex145 (OC: Jung Skye)
  38. When You Give Kris the Cold Shoulder Because You Realise He'd Never Love You, But He's Actually Hurt Because of This - b2stie
  39. When You Have an In-Direct Kiss with Chanyeol - iluvsparkles (OC: Ahn Miyeon)
  40. When Suho Finds Out You're Pregnant - southqoreans


As a writer, there are just some days where you can't think of anything and during the process for me I try and get through my writiers block by continuing to write anything that comes to my mind and make it into... SOMETHING, sometimes I don't care what it is as long as it comes out. LOL so because I feel bad about just tossing these helping drabbles so I'll post them here ~ ^^ Plus I'm all about fluff xDDDDD and I decided to choose EXO well... because I already have an Infinite Scenarios Story ^^

I would like to thank eyah012 from ♔ Indeed Design ♔ Request Shop for the first poster and background !! She did a great job didn't she ?? <333

Current Poster and BG were made by the lovely LoveKpopBoyBand it's cute isn't is? I really like it and I want to thank her so much for making one without asking xD

© Copyright. MissKalia16. 2012. All rights reserved.


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Bts_army13 #1
Chapter 40: *clicks on chapter* *sees picture of Baekhyun* "...I am not OK....."
DaesungiesWifey #2
Chapter 2: Idk if you're gonna read this...but (a) I hope you're okay. I just now caught onto your updates, and (b) I actually have a request....not sure if you're taking any but here goes nothing. I was wondering if you could do a continuation of the one where you and your daughter visit your husband (Kai) at music bank and you catch him with someone else (???)
katcom #3
Chapter 90: Aw, these are too cute. I can't wait to read more! XD
BrattyBae #4
Chapter 112: this! oh sehun being charming as always
Baekhyuneee_ #5
Chapter 99: Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels
GalaxyFinderOfEXO #6
Chapter 17: That moment when your reading Winter Baby (ft. Luhan) and you see your account name!
majapaulinee #7
Chapter 100: Chapter 100 is just too cute OMFG Baek.
Frhhzwani #8
LoveK-POPforlife #9
Chapter 67: I loved the song it really worked with the story. Keep writing
rohinihys #10
Chapter 102: Dese one shots are way too cute nd i love dem <3 if d request is open can i get a cute fluff romance with xiumin... I love him alot.. <3 dat cutie fake maknae s my soul :* please use me name if ever my request gets accepted :) i m rohini :)