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Characters Bias and Yourself
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One Shots & Scnearios ^^

-EXO K & M


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  1. When Sehun Gets Involved in a Scary Situation and Calls For Help - amusingmurdermachine (OC:Son Taehee)
  2. When Kai Finally Meets His Match - hiinmoriamu (OC: Song Eun Chae)
  3. When You Try Breaking Up With Luhan but He Won't Let You - ELForever22 (OC: Jung Ah Yeon)
  4. When Luhan Agrees to Date a Fanboy - SkyDragonHyunF0L0Y0 (OC: HyunMin/Sky)
  5. When You and Chanyeol Have an Ice Creame Date - choding_namu (OC: Yoon Hyera)
  6. When Kris Begs You to Take Him Back - TheUnknownGirl (OC: Min Ae Rin)
  7. When Luhan and You Collide Trolleys at the Mart - damien)alley (OC: Han Mi Nyeo)
  8. When Baekhyun Proposes on Stage - twinsister (OC: Yoonhee)
  9. When Suho's Visiting You and You're Trying Your Best to Hide That You're Sick, But He Knows It - shinee99
  10. When You're Really Sick And Kris Leaves Work Early to Take Care of You - XxKonxX
  11. When Chanyeol Forces You to Go Watch Fireworks Together But You're Scared of Them - Chanyoua
  12. When Yixing's Jealous Because of Your Skinship With the Other Members - countcain00
  13. When Kai Asks You to Dance History With Him and Then He Confesses After - blackANDwhite30
  14. When You and Minseok Fight and Then Break-Up - adibah_YSW
  15. When Kris Notices You In a Cafe and Ends Up Falling For You - NatInfintizxc23
  16. When Kyungsoo Gets Jealous of Kris - queenofnothing
  17. When You Don't Take Notice of Chanyeol Because You Adore Sehun But He Saves You From Harrassers - Miss_Kim
  18. When Kris Teachers You Basketball For the Sake of the Team But You Guys End Up Kissing - ELANiEE
  19. When Chanyeol Gets Really Jealous and Then Gets Angry At You - nazaiya
  20. When Kai Acts Like He Secretly Hates You And you Return with Mutual Feelings But He Actually Likes You - redplanet
  21. When Your Best Friend Luhan Kisses You On Your Birthday and Confesses His Feelings - redplanet
  22. When Your Boyfriend, Lay, Gets Jealous of Your Best Friend, Baekhyun - layyixinglover
  23. When Luhan Gets Jealous That You Call Everyone Else Oppa But Him - Miyoung-
  24. When Kris Is Just of Your Relationship With Your Childhood Friend - --Angelmato-- (OC: Camille)
  25. When Kris Tries to Win Over Your Parents Hearts During Their First Meeting - omgitslydia
  26. When Luhan Finds You Crying In the Rain and He Comforts You Only to Confess Later - unicornbaby
  27. When You Are Kidnapped and Lay Saves You - Codename777Colours
  28. When You and Jongin Have a Second Daughter - exoJBs
  29. When Kris Falls in Love With an Emo - mellow_marshmallow
  30. When Sehun Fights For Love - NamTaeHyun (OC: Lee MiHyun)
  31. When Luhan Falls From a Rock Hillside, While Dying His Gumiho Girlfriend Saves Him - GirlTwirl
  32. When Sehun Wants to Meet Your Parents - VIP4EVER0912
  33. When You Have a Twin That Kai Accidently Kisses Thinking It Was You But Latter He Tries to Persuade You To Believe Him - anispinky
  34. When The Other Members Tease You and Kai For Showing PDA At Disneyland - aktf5dbsk
  35. When Baekhyun Teases His Girlfriend All Day Because It's Her Birthday - Minny--
  36. When Sehun's Wife Asks For a Divorce and He Finally Realizes That He Loves Her - NamiHyuNmi (OC: HyunRi)
  37. When Luhan Proposes After Your First Kiss - leeharahan (OC: Park Hara)
  38. When You're Mad at Tao and He Aegyo For You to Forgive Him - Iceyx3
  39. When Yixing Wants a Second Chance at Your Relationship - emiex145 (OC: Jung Skye)
  40. When You Give Kris the Cold Shoulder Because You Realise He'd Never Love You, But He's Actually Hurt Because of This - b2stie
  41. When You Have an In-Direct Kiss with Chanyeol - iluvsparkles (OC: Ahn Miyeon)
  42. When Suho Finds Out You're Pregnant - southqoreans


As a writer, there are just some days where you can't think of anything and during the process for me I try and get through my writiers block by continuing to write anything that comes to my mind and make it into... SOMETHING, sometimes I don't care what it is as long as it comes out. LOL so because I feel bad about just tossing these helping drabbles so I'll post them here ~ ^^ Plus I'm all about fluff xDDDDD and I decided to choose EXO well... because I already have an Infinite Scenarios Story ^^

I would like to thank eyah012 from ♔ Indeed Design ♔ Request Shop for the first poster and background !! She did a great job didn't she ?? <333

Current Poster and BG were made by the lovely LoveKpopBoyBand it's cute isn't is? I really like it and I want to thank her so much for making one without asking xD

© Copyright. MissKalia16. 2012. All rights reserved.

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exo_panda_tao #2
Chapter 48: Oooooh I'd be interested to see how this went if you continued ^^
Hazelong #3
Chapter 142: Author-nim, pls stay strong for your family and us ♡
To tell you thr truth, my dad passed away during the May period when i was having my MYE, he just collapsed at home when i was sleeping and i did not know anything but cry and did cpr for him, it the time when he have to leave, when heaven let someone give birth to him, the god have also set a time for him to die and leave our life, and he is my pillar of life since i am close to him, i dare not sry in front of my mum and stay strong for him, i remember being in the hospital and just crying during his funeral, but you need to know to let go, because even if he is gone, the memories will not fade from your heart ♡
Stay strong!! And author-nim's cousin! I hope you will have a good life after you recarnation(?)!! :))
BlazingSkies #4
Chapter 142: I give my condolences to you and your family for your loss. Please stay strong and I hope for the best in your future.
Lovely0303 #5
Chapter 142: Stay strong author-nim!! Your cousin is in a peaceful and safe place now. Fighting!! ^-^
Kimkay #6
Chapter 37: Is there a sequel for When Luhan gets angry ..?
lychee115 #7
Chapter 16: It would have become more impact-ful if you added that the reader whispered "I love you" or sth along those lines to him in his ear. That would definitely be a tear-jerker
ill3stelle88 #8
Chapter 17: Im only on this chapter, '17' and I read the comments. I found out your cousin has passed away apparently, but don't worry! He/she is in a better place now. Stay strong!, fighting!

Life is tough, but we can all get through it! Hwaiting! <3333
Debbiemyungie #9
Chapter 142: Stay strong Author-nim! ^^ your cousin is living in a peaceful place,so. NO worry. Stay strong author-nim! ^^
andeeon #10
Chapter 142: My condolences to you and your family. Stay strong!
Sky0330 #11
Chapter 142: My Condolence is with You and to your Family... Be brave Author-nim .^_^.