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When Sehun Gets Involved in a Scary Situation and Calls For Help - amusingmurdermachine (OC:Son Taehee) When Kai Finally Meets His Match - hiinmoriamu (OC: Song Eun Chae) When You Try Breaking Up With Luhan but He Won't Let You - ELForever22 (OC: Jung Ah Yeon) When Luhan Agrees to Date a Fanboy - SkyDragonHyunF0L0Y0 (OC: HyunMin/Sky) When You and Chanyeol Have an Ice Creame Date - choding_namu (OC: Yoon Hyera) When Kris Begs You to Take Him Back - TheUnknownGirl (OC: Min Ae Rin) When Luhan and You Collide Trolleys at the Mart - damien)alley (OC: Han Mi Nyeo) When Baekhyun Proposes on Stage - twinsister (OC: Yoonhee) When Suho's Visiting You and You're Trying Your Best to Hide That You're Sick, But He Knows It - shinee99 When You're Really Sick And Kris Leaves Work Early to Take Care of You - XxKonxX When Chanyeol Forces You to Go Watch Fireworks Together But You're Scared of Them - Chanyoua When Yixing's Jealous Because of Your Skinship With the Other Members - countcain00 When Kai Asks You to Dance History With Him and Then He Confesses After - blackANDwhite30 ...

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exo_panda_tao #2
Chapter 17: Omg i wish i woupd get that for my birthday
exo_panda_tao #3
Chapter 12: Awwwwwww Sehun
afa_azira #4
It such a sweet stories of yours authornim! ^~^
Yasiyasi #5
Chapter 1: Love the ending!
Yasiyasi #6
Chapter 139: Hahaha,very cute & funny!
Yasiyasi #7
Chapter 51: Very very good!
Yasiyasi #8
Chapter 51: Very very good!
jesszie_ #9
Chapter 143: welcome back.
ajujuchaaang #10
Chapter 139: this is so cute urghhh I love it <3
Yasiyasi #11
Chapter 97: Oh, it reminds me of baekhyun's real girlfriend!