Soo Yeon and Jongin seemed like worlds apart and has absolutely no interest in each other. But little did people know, they're hiding secrets behind closed doors.




I looked down. This is probably the stupidest decision I’ve ever made in my existence. But surprisingly, it’ll be the best I’ve ever made. I took a step further. Now, what stands in between life and death is the heel of my Converse which is still intact on the ledge of that building. My adrenaline’s pumping, I could feel the wind blowing through my hair.


I would miss this. The rush, the air. I closed my eyes, letting go of that tiny little conscience that kept me from jumping. This is it. This is it.




My breath hitched. . I got caught.


I didn’t bother to look. One was so that whoever called me wouldn’t recognize me and the other was from embarrassment. As much as this is right for me, the world seems to be against the prospect of suicide.


“Don’t do this,” he said. He sounded a little nervous. Who wouldn’t be, I chuckled internally.


“Just come down from there,” he added. He said it curtly. This dude is not good with people, I thought. But there’s a familiarity with that voice. I’ve heard it somewhere.


I tried to ignore him but he was persistent. He just stood there. He didn’t move an inch, for fear I might actually jump. I finally broke a sweat. My forehead was clammy and my heartbeat was beating fast. I wanted to do this, I told myself repeatedly. I have no other reasons to live, even if I didn’t die, my soul is dying either way. I can’t bear to wake up in the morning and go to school and put on a face and laugh. My world is spiralling out of control and the only way to end it, is to just end it.


“I’m sorry,” I said to him.


With that, I took a deep breath and was ready to fall into the unknown. Head first, broken neck, broken nose. It’ll hurt. But at least that’s the end of it.


I watched a lot of movies where the depressive heroin jumps off a building. I mean, that’s where this whole thing is inspired from. But in the movies, if you jump, there’s no way you’ll fall backwards. Unless you have a superpower that enables you to play with time and space continuum. That, and if somebody pulled you from behind. And my head did not meet the grazing tarred road and bleed. Instead, it hit something firm and soft.


His hands were wrapped around my stomach and his legs were entangled with mine. My head now were rested on his chest and I could only imagine the blow he took to his back considering I’m pretty shaken myself. We were both heaving.


I was dumbfounded. I could feel myself trembling but at the same time, my limbs were numbed. I couldn’t move. The stillness was killing me. I just prayed he’d say something to kick me back to life.


“Next time you wanna die, go and find a ten-storey building within human range.”


I gasped. 



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justintan 0 points #1
Chapter 51: my 2nd time here or probably 3rd? hahahah really miss this story and ever so handsome kim jongin ♡
aqi_luvexo1005 #2
Chapter 51: Maybe this is the 2nd time or probably the 5th?hahaha idk but I will always re-read it and keep supporting Author-nim.Thank you for this wonderful Kim Jongin fanfic.Lot of hearts for you,Author-nim!
SilverLining219 #3
Chapter 51: I don't know how many times I've read this story... 8? 10 times? prbably 10.. this story is so beautiful that it become the story I read when I felt down or bored...
vivian96 #4
Chapter 51: This story makes me cried
Bayleaves #5
Chapter 51: Re-reading this for the god-knows-how-many times. This is just so beautiful. Congrats authornim!
KimNamHee212 #6
Chapter 51: This story is real good. I drowned in the feelings.. I realy love it. Thanks authornim :)))
kiddobii #7
Chapter 51: omg its completed? is this the endinggg?
never thought sooo ;_; need more
lolllypop #8
Chapter 51: This story is a masterpiece. Congratulations authornim.
TeaMinT #9
Hello! I decided to add your story to my personal collection (recommended list) if you don't mind :')
It's right here: