Running man ''B.A.P''


Running man are back and also the comedien sunny including 6 good lucking guys 


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chibixdomo11219 #1
Chapter 2: banglooooooooooo
luvyuh4evr #2
I wish they were actually on Running Man. I enjoyed reading!
Chapter 11: WAH~! That was great! Great job author~!
KekeKorra #4
Chapter 9: Update soon~ Fighting~ Me new reader. XD Your running man stories have both if my favorite group(BIGBANG AND BAP)!!! KYAA~
And it's AWESOME!!!! I think I'm over reacting... Shame on me
runningmanfan #5
Thank you i will and yes Fighting~ and thank you for reading my story i hope you like please comment ok? <3
Eunhwa86 #6
Update soon~ :D Hwaiting~ :D new reader here~
runningmanfan #7
ik choi minsoo is super scary!!
OMG!!! Choi Minsoo!!! That was scary...Update soon!
runningmanfan #9
Also anyone gets confused B.A.P = best absolute perfect and B.A.P.S = Best absolute perfect ''sunny'' cuz she is part of the team
runningmanfan #10
i will tomorrow ok ^w^