1. Detention Class in another word is punishment. Never would have thought that detention would be bringing pleasure to anyone.  Kim YoonMi, 16, was sent to detention class after school for pouring water on Im YoonA, daughter of the school principal. She was wasting her time away staring into empty space when Sehun was suddenly sent into the detention room because of his "demonstrations". 

2. Pay Me With Muffins. That's the deal Sehun and YoonMi have when they went to YoonMi 's house. 


3. Car Accidents. Jiyoon and Chanyeol was in the car on their way home, when Jiyoon decided to play a game. A game that will last till the next morning. Tough luck Jiyoon, because you made Chanyeol frustrated...^^


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0hSarahh #2
Chapter 2: Sehuuunnnn<333
baekbites #3
Chapter 2: ughhhhhh i want him as french teacher for me xnx,!
are you french btw?
ParkChae #4
Chapter 3: Sequel to Chanyeol is soooooo desired...
Negaii #5
Chanyeol sequel~!!
jettgirl63 #6
OMG do a chanyeolie sequel please <3 :D then do other exo members :D that would be nice
KaiLee #7
Holy Krisus damn right I had a nosebleed ajksjbabsjbjdkhbnj Your s were so hot *Q* How did her mum not suspect anything ¬__¬ Too hot though, just too hot >//_//<
holy these s were hot! the Chanyeol one especially. I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of Sehun speaking French tbh ahaha can I request a Luhan one please? ;~;
armitaekwangminkai #9
agree to @vivalavina! Sehun is my rated fanfic bias too! XD
lizzierulestheworld #10
Sequel ;A; Wtf. I was about to sleep but seeing an update from you, I denied it, and now ;A; I'm .
Asdgknwtpdajm. You are amazing ;~;
vivalavina #11
Hmmm, a sequel would be nice, but you can leave this as it is.