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Boy Meets Girl


Boy Meets Girl

One boy.

One girl.

One story.




Title: Boy Meets Girl

Rated: PG-13

Type: One-shot

Genre: angst

Characters: OCs

Main Song: SHINee - Romeo + Juliette



This one-shot was made by my bestfriend.

Credits go to Cece for writing this.

Poster credits to my sister, Aika0330.

©Copyright; 2012, airhead98 All Rights Reserved.
No printing or redistribution allowed.
Do not post anywhere else. Do not plagiarize.


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krispberry #1
Oh gosh! I love this story so much! hope your friend will do a sequel after they reincarnated again or something :DD Thanks for posting this, it's awesome!
airhead98 #2
Thank you all for reading this!
I hope you liked it :D
miyoung-sshi #3
I cried TT__________________TT this is so sad
Girlfriend-white #4
So sad!
I cried T..T
marina1432 #5
Awww this was soo sad very nice
Thank you for this story
seashell #6
that's really a very sad one shot but beautiful whatsoever *sobbing* :'(
muzic123 #7
this is sooooo sad