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 to   you,   e v e r y t h i n g  about  the  hotness,  teen   o p f a c t   n e w s  

Teen Top



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icannotwin #1
Chapter 35: Awwwww! L.joe is sooooo cute!
minkey54 #2
Thank you for this ♥♥♥
TakeshimaTaki-desu #3
Chapter 176: i love this. :) thank you!
Park_RaeJoon #4
Chapter 71: wow ! Daebakke !!!!!!!!!
Park_RaeJoon #5
Chapter 25: why UEE? she is a good actor, right ?
KissesxAndxHugs #6
Chapter 34: Aww ChunJoe.. :D But I'm confused, did he said that really? And kiss him where? ? :/
frozenblueyoghurt #7
Chapter 34: L. Joe likes to kiss Chunji. I KNEW IT!! <3
mingyang95 #8
Chapter 8: <3 CAP hyung!!!
--namu #9
Chapter 181: so u not gonna update in here n update at the link u provide?
chunniepie #10
Chapter 74: kyaaa! it makes me happy to see you too, baby ricky!! ^^