Taeyeon and Tiffany (Taeny)

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Once when she was recording a solo Taeyeon did not sing well and she could not reach the high notes. She tried many times but it was all the same. She cried. Everyone was shocked to see Taeyeon crying. Tiffany, who couldn't alk at the time due to injuries in her left leg wanted to walk towards her and comfort her but Hyoyeon stopped her from doing so. Taeyeon said that she didn't do well and cried because she was worrying about someone.


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PaintedRose #1
Chapter 60: Chapter 60: That GIF of Sunny and Yoona is so funny! XD
oxANGELxo #2
Chapter 30: Did I just saw a blood on Yuri's pinky finger?!? O_O (the GIFS though)
chuchu4 #3
Chapter 7: Cool! ;) Haha Badass Soo.
Chapter 19: wow yuri.....was mine too
SeohyunorSica #6
Chapter 3: Sunny does have the best S line. I have to admit.
Chapter 118: Wow, I read it all. It took a while for me because I get distracted easily. But the fact that you made this definitely proves that you're a S♥NE! SNSD FOREVER!♥
sophieebeear #8
Chapter 77: hahaha, I always thought Tiffany was the one who makes most mistakes xD
Chapter 110: Yeah! 70 % popularity in America is damn big! <3