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Loen Entertainment





Loen Entertainment is the home of Artists such as Sunny Hill (2007; debuted at Nega Entertainment), Zia (2007), IU (2008), Son GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls; 2010), Fiestar (2012) & History (2013). Founded by Min Young Bin in 1992 having the name Seoul Records (changed to Loen last 2008). Aside from being an entertainment label, it's also a Music Distributor.


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emzaa2108 #1
Chapter 25: BIGHIT has an age restriction, at least the last time i checked. theyre looking for people no younger than 12 and no older than 22 (1993-2003)
Yonghyunjoo #2
Chapter 36: i want BIGHIT
Animax #3
Chapter 37: Does bighit ent. do auditions for model as well?
BeautifulNabiGC #4
Chapter 25: may i ask what is the "PR" that BigHit is asking for?
SharlightArmy #5
Chapter 25: For modeling, what do they usually look for?
baotaku #6
Chapter 18: Chapter 18: How do I audition online?
BoyfriendFan #7
Chapter 25: What should we prefer singing to audition (English or Korean)
UnitedFans24_7 #8
Chapter 2: Hey... Let's see, well I'm nervous, like really really nervous. I planned to send in my YG Audi. this weekend but due to the setbacks of a nondedicated cousin who had wanted to audition with me, I couldn't. And now realizing that this isn't as important to her as she had made it, I dropped her. I had been in charge of creating a dance chereography, songs, vocals, everything because I like to think I have leadership skills, but now I'm all alone and I had to start every single thing over. I want to try again this weekend. I'm just venting really, because I have no one with me and I'm so scared. I haven't told my parents; they're strict and focuses on education. And on the application sheet, it requires parental approval, but I'm going to send in my audition and if I get a reply asking for it then I'll tell my parents. I just don't want to make a fool out of myself telling them then not making it in. I need some opinions... Anything really.
allenmitch #9
Chapter 9: Can you please link me the english translation form for woollim Entertainment? Thank you in advance
allenmitch #10
Chapter 25: For the Bighit Ent. online audition... Do I have to send the application form with the video of me singing? Thank you in advance :)