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Loen Entertainment





Loen Entertainment is the home of Artists such as Sunny Hill (2007; debuted at Nega Entertainment), Zia (2007), IU (2008), Son GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls; 2010), Fiestar (2012) & History (2013). Founded by Min Young Bin in 1992 having the name Seoul Records (changed to Loen last 2008). Aside from being an entertainment label, it's also a Music Distributor.


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thehunsoo #1
Chapter 2: By any chance do you have the yg post auditions address/email (? It's through email right idk I've gone blank suddenly /slapped) sorry aha
ExoYoong4ever #2
Chapter 32: can you recommend some easy dance I can try???thanks
ExoYoong4ever #3
Chapter 32: during evaluation, can you cover a kpop dance?
Nicole_22mo #4
Chapter 26: Hello, I wanted to ask... what did you perform in your audition? I mean, you were singing only, dancing or what? I would love to know because I want to audition for Jellyfish Ent. ♡
r4indrop #5
Chapter 21: should we sing all of the song or only parts?
can i send in a singing video and a dance one?
Thank You!!~~~
Park_MinAh #6
I have auditioned for SM Entertainment a couple of years ago, and they videotaped all of the auditioners. When I danced, I remember back that the moves I did were not very appealing... Do you know if they keep the video tapes and upload them or do they just delete them? thanks
SugarMochi #7
Chapter 35: hi do you think you can find some rap songs? And maybe if possible can it be in english?
thankyouuuuu :)
also is it going to be harder to audition though dancing?
anfaye716 #8
Chapter 12: Hi! Would you guys mind doing something like the 'Song Recommendations: The Pop/Ballad' but English version? Like which English songs would suit those categories? Thank you!
Kalinamoon #9
Chapter 6: I plan on auditioning online for JYP soon but I'm not a great dancer, so would I have attach a video of me dancing still or no? Also, if you're under 18 years old and get accepted into JYP but you don't live in South Korea, would they provide a living space for you or like a foster(?) family that'll take care of you???
Park_MinAh #10
Chapter 35: Omo KyungSoo's baby picture... so cute