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Loen Entertainment is the home of Artists such as Sunny Hill (2007; debuted at Nega Entertainment), Zia (2007), IU (2008), Son GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls; 2010), Fiestar (2012) & History (2013). Founded by Min Young Bin in 1992 having the name Seoul Records (changed to Loen last 2008). Aside from being an entertainment label, it's also a Music Distributor.

Entertainment Address: Jeongseok B/D 168-23 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea 135-885

Official Website for Auditions:


Q: What are the categories Loen is looking for?

Singer, Actor and Composer

Q: What is Loen looking for?

Talented people with Passion for their dreams. A person who has lot of ability to grow in the music industry and it prioritizes vocals above all.

Q: Does Loen accept Trainees from other nationalities/countries?

Yes. They've included foreign languages on the application form and their official website is in English. 

Q: Is there any age limit?

No Age Limit.

Q: Do they accept online auditions?

yes, they accept it through e-mail not on the website.

Q: How will i know if i passed the audition?

It takes 30 days to review the application. Applicants will contacted individually through e-mail or phone call, there will be no notification if you haven't passed.


more facts are located at their website.

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Loen Entertainment on Wikipedia, Official Audition Website, Loen Entertainment for the photo and the logo.




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Three-leafed_Clover 0 points #1
This is so helpful :O i was wondering if you have any ideas for what we should do if we want to apply to be a stylist? xD Sorry if this is only for idols x)
LoveDaisy_09 #2
Chapter 41: For BigHit, how many rounds are there for the audition?
KyungsoongiePanda93s #3
Chapter 25: Hi ^_^, where do you usually send the audition online? Through Yahoo or Gmail?? Which do they prefer?? Does it matter??
pinksone #4
i have some questions~ how long should the audition song/piece be? do we have to sing the full song? thanks!!!
Chervine #5
Chapter 6: Can the audition be by groups?
AjhayAristotle #6
Chapter 25: I'll work hard. Gomapseubnida. Fighting!
kkhaynna #7
Chapter 25: Hi !!! Can I ask about Big Hit Entertainment? ... Aren't they sponser ticket for the trainee who get accept by them? *only foreigner*
Saranghxja #8
Chapter 26: 1) Thank you so much for making this whole thing !! I've been reading since almost the beginning and switched accounts but I've always come back to this story on aff!
2) do you have the link to the English version? ^^
Anniehyo4ever #9
Chapter 25: What if i only want to audition for modelling?
garlicbreadd #10
Chapter 8: Hi! I would like to ask, for my summer break I will be in Korea, should i also add my location in Korea in the application too (with my location at home) but i wont be there for very long and I will be at a hotel (LMAO) so it necessary to add both.