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Loen Entertainment





Loen Entertainment is the home of Artists such as Sunny Hill (2007; debuted at Nega Entertainment), Zia (2007), IU (2008), Son GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls; 2010), Fiestar (2012) & History (2013). Founded by Min Young Bin in 1992 having the name Seoul Records (changed to Loen last 2008). Aside from being an entertainment label, it's also a Music Distributor.


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miniJoKer #1
Chapter 24: Just in case anyone didn't know, FNC is holding auditions in New York and Atlanta. The deadline has passed, but you can still register at the door!
samokumura #2
Chapter 1: When are the walk in auditions for this month? I really need to know ASAP, Thank You
DeathDarkSoul #3
Chapter 26: Hi, I want to try auditioning in Jellyfish Entertainment with my friend who's from The Philippines...But she can't speak Korean very well. She can read in Korean but she doesn't know what it means and she can write a bit and she knows 36 of the alphabets. My questions is does Jellyfish allow group auditions? Will they pay for our plane and education? Will they teach us Korean and other languages?
Kpop_mylife100 #4
Chapter 2: the application form wont open and the old links are gone for yg
Soraskynin #5
Hey! I have a question, if you pass the SM auditions, will they call you or will they send you an email informing you that you have passed?
xOxO12_afar #6
Chapter 22: lets say I want to do an online audition for vocal how long the video should be ? if the sonh contains rap parts do I need to rap too ?
l0vemay #7
Chapter 26: Hi! Can you please tell me what the snail mail address is? Please and thank got so so much!!<3
Nourane #8
Chapter 25: Hii please I have many questions to ask TT_TT
hyesun-ah #9
Chapter 25: For BIGHIT, if you pass the 1st round is the 2nd round still online or you have to go there?