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Loen Entertainment





Loen Entertainment is the home of Artists such as Sunny Hill (2007; debuted at Nega Entertainment), Zia (2007), IU (2008), Son GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls; 2010), Fiestar (2012) & History (2013). Founded by Min Young Bin in 1992 having the name Seoul Records (changed to Loen last 2008). Aside from being an entertainment label, it's also a Music Distributor.


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6002kun #1
Chapter 36: i just want to be their interns rather than the trainee lol..... does anyone have any idea which company/ companies are looking for interns
junghye_17 #2
Chapter 35: I'm already 21 in korean age. I'd like to go for audition, is there's a chance for me to be accepted in some korean entertaiment?
EXOBoys15 #3
Chapter 26: Hi! I want to try on jellyfish... Eum, i really don't know how to send the form, can u help me? Do we send the for, belongs with the photos and video??
eunrixpark #4
Chapter 2: Hi! I have a question about training in YG. Do they give an allowance to trainees?
aihara_namika #5
Chapter 35: if xiumin enter JYP, would EXO be complete? baozi!!!!
SooYeon23 #6
Chapter 8: I want to audition but i don't know how to preper the things needed to audition . I want to audition to Woolim Entertainment . Euttoke ???
Ms_Brightside #7
Chapter 33: It's been a while. I really would like to join YG, but I am literally stuck here in the Philippines, is there any other way I can like audition? Like online? Mail? If so, do the agency people look at it (the fact that probably hundreds audition to the). Has anyone ever got through even? I'm going 19 and it's known that YG usually trains his trainees 2 years minimum. And do foreign trainees get allowances? I'm penniless af.
yamitan7 #8
Chapter 36: Yeshhh i want to be in Starship now ♡♡♡
feefaifoefangirl #9
congrats on the feature! :D
purplephoenix #10
Chapter 36: i just auditioned for SM as a rapper-singer and honestly, i'm pretty sure i'm not gonna get a feedback. do you think SM has no interest in hip-hop rappers?