People Love A Good Bad Boy, Don't They?


Kim Jongin and Do Kyungsoo have known each other since birth - LITERALLY, birth. But before you could say that they should be the best of friends, you are terribly and completely wrong. Kyungsoo is an adorable mama's boy, top of his class, friendly to all neighbors, and has a great relationship with anyone, that is - Until there's Jongin, known by his new "alias" as Kai, is infamous as the y street-rat to all the high-school girls, doesn't do homework but tests exceptionally well (which ends up helping him pass the class), not to mention he also lost his ity to both a guy and a girl... at the same time. 


The two are polar opposites of each other but what sucks is that their parents are best friends. Oh, and they have to spend at least a month of the summer every end of the schoolyear, TOGETHER. So when one summer Kyungsoo decides to broaden his horizons in the ual-orientation field, Jongin knows exactly what to do. 


But if Kyungsoo can learn to understand the way Jongin knows about , can Jongin learn to understand the way Kyungsoo knows about relationships? 


Kyungsoo hated Kim Jongin so much. It wasn't that he didn't try to give Jongin a chance - he did, plenty of times as they were growing up. But it always resulted in the two hanging out then ending up at the police station.



"Why? Why did we have to grow up with him?" He pleaded. The rest of his group was scattered around the his kitchen table, some sitting and some standing, but all of them shared a great big sigh. 

"Just try to get along; school ends tomorrow and I heard we're going to Jeju Island for the month!" The group's happy virus, Chanyeol, said enlighted.



Kyungsoo would've replied back but then he heard something shuffling in the hallway. He also heard the random 'thing' hit a few walls before coming in to the light of what was the kitchen. Then, it finally appeared.

With slicked up black hair, beautifully olive-tanned skin, and (now) bloodshot eyes, Jongin appeared. The boys just remained in silence as he stayed in the corner of the kitchen, leaning against the refrigerator near Kyungsoo. "Are you ing about me again?" His eyes, pointed towards the said-man.



Thanks to @eletricblinger for the wonderful art cover! :D


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Ivalina #2
Chapter 25: i cried... i know the feeling sehun goes trough and it looks like i have to confess and break up in a few days too... im not sure how i feel and i hate it, so i really understand these emotions. you did a really great work. thank you
Ivalina #3
Chapter 17: HOLY !! i´m so ing done!
Ivalina #4
Chapter 8: chapter 8: my full respect, i got a ! you did VERY WELL for your first time writing ! xD
i cant wait for the next one! great story so far ;D
kpopisgay2 #5
Samiha #6
Chapter 25: OMG this is incredible ^-^ please update soon authornim we will be waiting. ♡
KJM_Hallyu #7
Authurnim!!!!!!! I need update. ㅍ.ㅍ why did u have to stop with a cliffhanger?? Andwae!!!! Anyways, update soon :p
miasiapeach14 #8
I was about to die! I thought it was an update! Pweaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee come back soon to continue the story!
IamShe #9
OMG!!! I thought this was an update. That I went and read every chapter again to get familiar with the story again. It's been sooooooooo long. Come Back Home.
heeeya #10
omg i had a heart attack i thought this was an update TT_TT
conita #11
Chapter 25: Hi I am a new reader and I LOVE IT!!!! the plot is sooo good!!!!! and kaisoo OMG!! gkadfdsgfkasd and hunhan T_T omg poor sehun and luhan , they should fiz all the thing!!! .
please update soon!!! I'll be waiting!! <3