Chasing Summer


"It only hurts just now," she whispered over the phone, one summer night. "Just now. Think it over, please."
And so he sighed in defeat, dropped the blade, and listened to her breathe.


This is for the Myungzy shippers
Because our ship is finally sailing.
Uhgiya diyuracha.

This is for the hopeful
And the hopeless.
It only hurts just now.

This is for you.

"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more."
- Psalm 71:14


Vietnamese (2)

Please do not repost, or lift anything out from this work of (fan) fiction. Thank you.

NOTE: I apologize for adding this late, but I'm posting this as a trigger warning. Nevertheless, in the end, I hope for you to see: you are not what you're going through.

And please, if you spot any typos, please tell me!

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Chapter 25: This is so beautiful...
This fic stop takes my breath away!!
ursecretaddiction #3
I keep coming back to this
Chapter 11: After all these years, I finally have an image of Sangmoon in mind. Before, he's just a faceless yet nice character, now, I see him as Lee Woojin from PRODUCE 101 Season 2. But that kid can pass as Sunggyu's relative so it kind of doesn't make sense in the world of this story.

Oh, I'm reading this again.
soamazingifnt7 #5
Dear Summer, it has been two years since I first read this story of yours. Now after such long long time, I'm reading it again and all these feelings are somehow still new to me. Like after time, when you have experienced many things in life, pain and happiness and loneliness and anxiety, you get to sympathy with the characters and understand them more and more. I really like the story, just want to tell you that. I hope you can still read the comments given here although you deactivated for some time now. And just want to tell you that this won't be my last time coming here to read this! Love you.
Ammargeddonn #6
Chapter 25: Honestly one of the most beautiful things i read in my life
AdrianneBrub #7
I bought Chasing Summer from Blurb for my daughter, who is a huge fan. She lost the book and is devastated. Does anyone know where I can buy another copy? Please help!
Chapter 25: It was years since I last read this but this will always be a favorite of mine. So beautiful T.T
Chapter 25: Thank youuuu for this.
_nrlfatihah #10
Chapter 25: Its 3.14am. I shed tears for this fanfics and its worth my tears. Its so beautiful and thank you authornim for writting this. I dont need to explain further how good this story is because people will acknowledge it after reading this just like me. And congrats on getting featured!!! Youre totally deserved it