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You, EXO-K & M


After waking up in a cold, musty room, accompanied by another young man, Yoojin is completely confused as to her whereabouts. The longer she's trapped, the quicker she realises that she's not safe here, and after meeting another 11 young men, she discovers that just when she had everything figured out, she can trust no one, not even herself. Experiments and organisations she never knew existed, a physical and emotional pain she can barely even handle, and a growing attachment to the men surrounding her is only half the story. Will she make it out alive? Or will danger befall her? ..... Or more importantly... Is she the danger?




"Please..... not again....." I whimpered, shying away from the needle. The nurse grabbed my wrist, not saying a word, and thrust the needle into my arm. I let out a cry of pain. What's going on...? What's happened to me...? I don't understand.... I-I........ I'm not a monster.....

I fell into darkness.







Please refrain from reading if you do not handle horror and suspense well, if you have a fear of/cannot handle blood, gore and violence, if you do not like explicit language, and do not like ual abuse.


I know I haven't even really gotten into my first fanfic but I couldn't help myself. This story just poured from my mind and I had to begin writing it all into word... I drew inspiration from BIGBANG's latest MV Monster, hence the unoriginal title, and this is all my own work. I've not read any fanfics along the lines of this one, so if it resembles another it is completely accidental and unintentional. I hope you guys enjoy!!


 Thank you to ☺♫ Saranghae Review Shop ♫☺ and peacelovehugs for the review! I will keep working to make my story as good as possible!

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This story is here for the entertainment of those on AFF, but if a case of plagiarizing is discovered, the story will be removed. Please do not ruin this for the sake of those who enjoy reading this fic. - LavishlyLay

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Ihveathingforexo () says about chapter 25:
Woo that was really intresting!! The suspense was killing me, and I'm so glad Yoojin's all good :) can't wait for part 2 ~

rukifana () says about chapter 25:
I really like your story and I am waiting for part 2 . Please update soon :*

moonyuki () says about chapter 25:
wow ~ I can't wait for part 2 !! - Yuki

bombomi () says about chapter 25:
... OMg i hope they dont die:/

Kpop555 () says about chapter 25:
update *-*

Ally_baby () says:
Please Update!!!!!!

exotic1200 () says about chapter 21:
Yepp... sleeping with the lights on tonight....

Thekpopobsessor123 () says about chapter 23:
(Wait... This story kinds of remind me of The horror movie Grave Encounters...)

fxwhuut () says about chapter 25:
THIS IS SO ADDICTING FFFFUUUUUUU and so creepy. i really love this but i regret reading it in the middle of the night....

araminori () says about chapter 25:
it's so creepy ><

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