⚜ Our DIRTY Little Secret

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Everyone has their own LITTLE secret.

Yours just happens to be a little "DIRTY."

And no matter what, it must be kept a SECRET.


Can you keep a Secret?






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Our Dirty Little Secret



Main Characters

   Byun Baekhyun

He's part of the Kingka gang called EXO at SM Academy (SMA). He's also your best friend. You've known him since you two were in diapers. You're one of the few "lucky" girls that get to spend a numerou amount of time with EXO because of your great friendship with him. Which makes you an exception for all the fangirls, so they can't murder you even if they did want to.

Onstage, he's definitely known as the hottie. While Offstage, he is known as the cutie.

But what about in BED?



One of the new foreign students from China. EXO had no problem with accepting him and the other exchange boys into their gang immediately. You were assigned to take care of him and to help him with his needs around campus. He's very kind and gentle, so you have to take the role of a body guard around him most of the time.

Not that you mind, because he's a sweetheart.




   Park Eun Ah (YOU)

You're pretty well known around the SMA campus even with your average looks. People either call you "Baekhyun's bestie" or the "Emotionless Girl." Why? Because you never show your emotions. You're the quiet and "cold" girl that everyone knows, but is too afraid to be friends with. No one ever tries to approach you on anything and whatever you say tends to be the final say. You try to make friends, but so far, only EXO has accepted you. They know that you do have feelings, but they don't know the real reason why you keep such a tight face. That's another one of your little secrets to be kept to yourself...

What secret do you share with Baekhyun that no one else knows about?




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kimgaeun96 #1
Chapter 45: Man, this is AWESOME! And HOT! I can't stopp reading this eventhou it's already 2am at the morning and even worse, i have school for tomorrow. Your story is very addictive authornim, and i never expected that Baekhyun sounded very hot here with Eun Ah. Dang man, you got me addicted to Baekhyun. Thumbs up to you authornim and hwaiting~
it took me a while to finish this story because my laptop was broken XD
i enjoyed it a lot. its so full of drama, just my taste. and the ending ugh. i'm s glad you made a sequel.
gggoodbye #3
Chapter 47: wooah...
This story is amazing .. >///<
Thankyou Author-nim <3
Exotic91 #4
Chapter 47: And now I'm like, why the heck couldn't I find this fic before?! I'm 2 years late~
But I'm glad I read this. Better late than never (and I mean literally it's better to leave the best for later)
I absolutely loved it. I had no idea who she would end up with. I was always so frustrated while reading this, like Now. What. More. I was completely gripped. Good job. Loved it ♡ AWESOME
Hi_There_Peeps #5
Chapter 41: She's pregnant isn't she is it Baekhyun's
Hunhanforevah #6
Chapter 15: Fakkk! Was searching for a baekhyun fanfic since he's my ub found one and instead of shipping her w baek I actually want her to be with Lulu beecause authornim made me fall in love w him and he was actually my first bias in exo. So now I'm ready the comments for chapter 40 and I'm like "noooooo!" screw you baek!!
ohmygod there's even the pdf ver. thank you~ gonna read it soon and i'll give you what i think about this story once i'm done reading!!!
ListyArisa #8
Hello authornim...i'm new reader in here. Thabk you for making pdf version of your story. I'll enjoy your story very well ^^
Lunargalaxysz #9
Chapter 40: Noooo i want her to be with luhan :(( Waeyo~