by BenBens_Panda
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Pandalover2210 () says about chapter 155:

pinkpajamas () says about chapter 115:
LOL. at that pokemon. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but is that Moltress? :)

Shiomaru () says about chapter 114:

Eyylookits13 () says:
OhhhmyyyyLuhan ♡

VIEIRA () says about chapter 100:
sehun likes bieber===''????

hs a belieber???

shank97 () says about chapter 3:
I've been told that in the original lyrics, what kris says in two moon is 'roar like a buffalo' but everyone misheard it as roll like a buffalo..... doesn't this make sense to anybody else...? Is it just me who thinks this makes sense?

Cookiemonster1243 () says about chapter 72:
HaHa CUTE!!!

sne4ever () says about chapter 99:
Just to ask,when is Exo's debut exactly,i hear some here and some there so i'm not sure already.

kwonxxleader () says about chapter 54:
Seriously...what the hell?! What's up with the flower on the baby's face? It must have been awkward for Kai..gossh I can already imagine T__T I cnt even find a logical reason why she did that. If she only want Kai's face then she shouldn't have bother putting the baby in his arms..stupid b.itch..uck.

StaceyHoneybuns () says about chapter 176:
they're so ly frustrated you can just sense it by sniffing the air.

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