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Kim Eunjae (You)

You were married now, with a loving husband. you never change you're still the Stubborn, innocent and kind hearted girl that everyone loves. You're now attending college.

You're happy now.  and there is nothing more that you could ask for.



Kim Myungsoo (L)


He's your perfect husband. He was a diffrent person now. He was changed by you. He will start handling his parent's car company while attending college.

but, the girls still never stop chasing him. he's still now the handsome, jerk husband you love.




they're still you're dorky oppas.

they never chagne. except that they're handling their parents company now too, just like Myungsoo.


Sunggyu: He handles their 5 star Hotels in Korea.

Sungyeol: He handles their gadget company now..

Sungjong: He owns the mall now.

Woohyun: He owns the resorts now. And he's lovin' it.

Hoya: He's monitoring the international universities that has been passed to him now.

Dongwoo: He owns the the High-Class bars now.



Moon Chanseul

She's still your bestfriend. you two go to the same university. She manage their bakery now. She's being a successful young woman. Also, Woohyun has his eyes on her.


Kwak Minjun

Your nagging brother!. You two might not be blood related but the both of you treat each others like sibling. He's studying in states with Victoria and Jaejoong.

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Monisha92 #1
Chapter 23: Hello again!! Well I never stopped myself smiling like a crazy person till I finish reading this fic.... Thanks to you for a wonderful story & keep up with your good work..
__MyunHyun #2
Chapter 15: Author nim I read this story again and again...XD
gemmymars #3
Chapter 23: Aww~ such a cute ending^^ I loved reading this story! Great job authornims, daebak~!!^^
Number2elf #4
Chapter 19: I had a feeling she'd come back but i thought it would be when they were newly married or before, bc yhey already have a kid now
Idk! Letss see how this plays out :))
Number2elf #5
Chapter 2: It was only a contract but OML they're havin a baby!
A lot of people only make their "sequels" one chapter long so thanks for putting in the time and actually creating more of a story :)
sajalara13 #6
InfiniteWH07 #7
Chapter 23: I really liked the story! was reading it at my work heheheh it was nice and refreshing!!
HWAITING Authorim!
Infnt27 #8
Chapter 4: Where is the first story ??
zizrie #9
Chapter 22: I love the happy ending. Please more stories.
tikook #10
Chapter 22: Thank God i found ur story, ive read the first story and then this sequel.. i just cant get enough.. it seems MyungJae is real.. and i need them in my life..hahaha... good job authornim.. thanks for making this awsome story.. i spend two days for reading ur story here..hahaha..