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Scarlet Necklace


“When the scarlet necklace lights up, good things are near. If she holds it and it shines the brightest, your soulmate is here.”

Baekhyun didn’t really believe what the old lady who gave him the necklace said. During the one year period after his parents died when he was sixteen, everything went downhill. Everything he did, it always went wrong. Being able to graduate middle school with all that bad luck around was a miracle. But ever since an old lady gave him that scarlet necklace while on his way back from visiting his parent’s grave, everything changed for the better. Baekhyun had no friends, barely any money, but his necklace lit up and he gained five new friends, his necklace lit up and he was offered a job that paid fairly well. Now, she picks it up and it shines it’s brightest.

His soulmate is here.



I don't know if anyone else out there has a similar story to this because I've never come across one. If there is a similarity, then keep in mind that it is coincidental.

Moving on..

So I tweaked their ages a little x)

Baekhyun: 18, Second year of high school


Kim Yejin: 17, First year of high school


EXO: Suho - 19
          Chanyeol - 18
          D.O - 18
          Kai - 17
          Sehun - 17

Kim Heechul: 23 (Our Heenim is forever young <3)


Kim Hyunsoo: 25 (Actually Lee Chihoon, 24)


Do expect a few cameos here and there~ ^^


Time for some shameless advertising~~~~ 

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In A Super Junior World


Poster credits to: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/195146/open-graphic-poster-request-freebies


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adreana97 #1
Chapter 41: This story is so cute xD
Lovelypandabear #2
Chapter 41: I totally love this story and the plot and just about everything~~ Too bad there isn't a sequel :(
KangHia #3
Chapter 41: This story was totally cute. I really loved it.
And the necklace. It reminds me of his power. Lol
Chapter 7: My bias is so totally Kris and Sehun
srhsyfqh98 #5
Chapter 41: I really like this story aww ♥♥
yujingugue #6
Chapter 7: YOUNGJAE!!! D.O!!!
cheekylittlechubba #7
Chapter 41: Cute!!! I really like the story authornim ^^
SHINeeEXO559 #8
Chapter 7: My bias

B.A.P: Daehyun
EXO K: Kai
EXO M: Luhan
lysa_cookie #9
Chapter 41: This story makes me want to have a big brother. Its just sooooooo cute!!!!! x) Im lovin' it. Hahaha. Great story! (Y)
baekhyunbacons #10
Chapter 4: Hope you don't mind but may I know who's this girl playing the role of 김예진 Kim Yejin? ᄏᄏᄏᄏ. 난삼니다 우톨님!