I'm Falling for You, Mr Playboy.



Haejin is the hard-headed type of girl. Although she looks rough outside, her inner side is just like other girls. The scar from her last dating experience hasn’t completely vanished from her once deeply wounded heart. Although it has been 3 years, Haejin can never give her heart to any man she met. The trust has been left in the past. Since then she never believes in love anymore and played an extremely hard-to-get character.

But then she made an encounter with Hoya, who obviously displays playboy image and behavior. She’s totally avoiding this type of man, but he kept popping into her mind ever since. 


This is my first fanfic, and I'm Hoya biased~ 

I tried my best to write this story as best as I could!




I don't know if the title matched with the story coz I really can't think up any better ones..

--from a girl who drained out all ideas of giving story titles..*sighs*

Finally done with this fanfic *sobs* I'll never forget Haejin.. and Hoya's hotness of course.. XD

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babyjongdae #1
Chapter 37: Found this and read this completely kyaaaaaa ;) reallya great storyy oh my god the story gave a real vibe of relationship. Thanks to your good choice of words ㅋ
Chapter 37: Aww SO CUTE!! I can imagine how hot Hoya when propose with his lips!!! *gasping*
i really in love with him since forever until forever!!! Omgyu really can't resist his hotness his biceps his lips his abs!!!! /faint/
Chapter 37: Oh my gosh! Today is Christmas day & I finished reading this story which I started reading during the Christmas eve ~ ~ ! <3 <3 I'm sooooo in love with the story!!!!!!! I'm Howon-biased, so I'm glad that I've read such an awesome story like this! Author-nim, Kamsahamnida for writing this story! *bows 90 degrees* This made my Christmas complete! Again, thanks author-nim & I'm looking forward to your other stories in the future ~ ~ <3 !
80th subscriber hehe XD
Waaa I‘m Hoya biased too and i‘m so glad i found this, i‘m going to read it at school lol~~
naddypaddy #6
Chapter 37: Thanks to this now I'm Hoya-biased.. But I stil love Sunggyu.. Thank you author-nim for the wonderful story.. ^^
Chapter 37: such a great story, author-nim! I finished it on a day i'm loving your writing style already! I'm also a hoya biased, so pls write another story about him, kamsahamnida! ♥
yooamie #8
Chapter 37: awhhh, what a lovely story! I haven't read a Hoya fanfic in ages and I'm so glad I found this one! c:
inspirit-beauty #9
Chapter 37: TT_______TT why is this story so woderful???? jebal OTL make more hoya fanfic, he is also my ultimate bias my goshness hobaby saranghae!! :D
mrschomikee21 #10
Chapter 37: "Waaaaaah!! That was really good!! I cried on the last chapters!!! Especially when hoya retured the envelope,

I love the ending! So romantic!!

My hoya feels <3