C. 51 "We are now dating."

by Xx-ForeverAlone-xX
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C. 51


-- Jin's POV --
I woke up early and left just to go too my house, surprisingly the cops were still there investigating. I walked up to an officer, who seemed to remember me
"Ah, you..." He said and shook my hand
Me and the officer talked, He remembers me from the situation I had back when my aunt went crazy. He told me I needed to go to the police station. 
~ Police Station ~
I couldn't believe this! Afew Exterminate members were here... Luckily no one I knew. The officer talked to me alone once 'alone' which kind of freaked me out. 
"I'm sorry miss, she was pronounced dead at the scene." He told me. I once again broke into tears just hearing the words. I don't care if she hurt me, I just had no family members left besides my dads side of the family... I wasn't close with them though...
"Miss, you could go now. " The officer told me. I bowed and exited the building. I got crazy thoughts once I walked out. Maybe the other Exterminate members will come and find me right now? What if they sneekily steal me! I might get stuffed into a bag...
"Jin-sshi ~ " Someone sang. I turned too see Sungjong 
"Sungjong? What are you doing here?" I questioned walking up to him
"We got back as fast as we could. Manger hyung said we could've stayed the whole week and rest but we decided to come here and protect you. Infinite hyungs are eating at a resturant." he beamed
"Ah... I see..." I weakly smiled
"Something I need to ask you... What happend? Were you crying?" he caringly asked. 
"Lastnight... there was a fight." I said. "Lets go too the resturant... tell me there? Arasso" Sungjong dragged me with him
We got to the resturant and Infinite greeted me, after I told them about 'everything'! they got angry. Because I went through so much... 
"Oh my jesus I wanna kill someone right now." Sunggyu scarily said.
"How could we leave you?! Ugh... I feel terrible..." Sungjong went crazy blaming themselves. "Its not your fault..." I said
"Jin-sshi... we promise to keep you save with our very own lives. " Sungyeol lifted his chin. "Yeah. Guarding you is the only thing we'll do." Hoya smiled at me. I chuckled "Thanks... but I already have a body guard..." 
"Ljoe." "LJoe" LJoe..." "Byunghun-ah..." they all said. I chuckled nervously
"Alright... since you two are clearly in-love we'll let it happen." Woohyun said. Let what happen? I didn't bother asking them
"Nooonnnnaaaaaaaaaaa~ " Ricky yelled from behind me. I smiled seeing Teen Top.
"Time to split the tables." Myungsoo chuckled 
"Why'd you leave me?" LJoe hit my arm
"Oh my jesus." Sunggyu said looking at us. "What?" LJoe asked. "Nothing..." he smiled. "Where the hell did your  .... " I kept quiet not wanting Sunggyu to get angry at me talking about his eyes...
"Their right here." He pointed to them. I chuckled 
I got to sit across LJoe this time! Yay ~
"Jin-sshi, you left without telling me... care to explain?" LJoe crossed his arms. The whole table was looking at us. "Uh... Well... I had to go to my house.." I wiggled my eyebrow weridly
"W-what?" I asked 
"I want you..." Sungjong put his arm around me and looked me in the eyes. "W-what?" I asked getting abit more scared
"Sungjong-ah... I don't think its a good idea too say something like that..." Myungsoo told him
"How can I hide my feelings for her any longer? I can't take it..." Sungjong expressed
"Uh..." I nervously said with a worried look on my face. The look on LJoe's face... he was jealous... but was Sungjong crazy?! Did he wanna die? I knew it was an act, but it seemed so real. Sungjong suddenly leaned over and whispered in my ear
"Play along... "
I immediatly shook my head 'no' "Im afraid.." I whispered back. Sungjong suddenly pouted and I couldn't stare at him any longer. I turned my head towards Sungyeol who was on the other side of me. He started laughing at me
"Jin-sshi~~ Jin-sshi~~ " Sungjong used aegyo in his voice. Ahh stupid! I can't! I turned to him and glared "I don't..." he gave me a really adorable pout. "Sungjonggie!!" I whinned for him not to do that
"Jin, i've known you love enough too say I like you.." he smiled.
"Is this a proposal?" Dongwoo asked
"No this is not." I confirmed
"Jin-sshi... don't cheat on me." LJoe glared at Sungjong. The table gasped surprised
"Shes mine." Sungjong used aegyo again and brought me close to him. I gasped being this close to him. The look on LJoe's face was really scary
"Sungjong-ah, don't do this..." Myungsoo said looking at LJoe in shock
"Do you wanna die?!" Hoya yelled from the other table. "Oh shit..." CAP said
"LJoe hyung is gonna murder you..." Niel said beside LJoe. Was everyone from Teen Top and Infinite?! Sungjong... why would you do this?
"Sungjong... im only gonna tell you this once. Get away from my women." LJoe said. OH MY GOD. Everyone was squealing!! I would've myself but I couldn't right here. 
"Hyung. I've known you even longer, lets make a deal." Sungjong said leaning his head on mine. 
"Aniyo!" I yelled. Sungjong put his finger on my lips "Shh. Let me talk." OH MY GOSH.
"Sungjong-ah... Im gonna ask you this one last time... Get away from her." LJoe warned. I wanted to run up to LJoe and hug him. He's so cute and scary when he's jealous!
"Hyung~ Listen... do you really wanna throw away your life like that?!" Ricky asked. "Hyung. Leave her alone." Changjo said. "Don't look at me!" I yelled at everyone. "Its okay Jin, don't worry..." Sungjong patted my head. LJoe finally lost it and stood up "YAH." 
Sungjong tried to hold it in, but he started laughing like a maniac. "HAHHA OH my GOSH. You think I'd like someone like Jin?!" I hit him "Hey!" 
"Sorry Jin-sshi... I didn't mean it that way." Sungjong nudged me playfully
LJoe sat down and glared at Sungjong. "Hyung! I was just kidding, can you ever take a joke?" Sungjong pouted.
"I swear if you ever touch Jin again. I'll make sure never speak again." LJoe scared him. "I told you not to do it~ " I sang and poked Sungjong. He was using his aegyo still! Ugh! I couldn't even look at him anymore... he was too cute!
"LJoe-ah... you should sit next to me." I said with happiness in my voice
"Sungjong. Move. Fast." Myungsoo warned him. Sungjong shoved everyone away and moved out of the seat. LJoe rolled his eyes and chuckled "Im not that scary..." 
"You are!" Sungjong yelled and took LJoe's old spot
I smiled as LJoe sat next to me. He took a good look at me... "Is there something wrong?" I asked. He suddenly smelled my right arm. "OH MY GOD PERVERT." I pushed him away
"You still smell like my house." He smirked
"Your house?" Sungyeol asked on the other side of me " I forgot you were there..." I said towards him. He started laughing at me
"Yeah... my house." LJoe kept that smirk on his face! Can I smack it right off your face?
"Were you with them at that time?" Sungyeol asked Changjo. He nodded "Aniyo... it was just them." 
"Wow..." Sungyeol said surprised
"Don't think dirty!" I hit him
"I wasn't!" Sungyeol hit me back. "Well you didn't have to sound pervert!" I yelled and hit him again. "I wasn't!" He repeated and hit me again
"Yah!" LJoe yelled poking my side. "Don't hit my hyung" HUAH! He defends his hyung instead of me?! I secretly glared at him as Sungyeol was laughing like crazy
"Yeah! Don't hit me!" He hit me once more. LJoe that ass. I elbowed his leg and made him jump.
"What?!" He almost yelled
"Come to the bank with me." I asked. "Why?" he questioned 
"Why do you say im stupid when you can't remember lastnight?" I raised my eyebrows
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH" Infinite and Teen Top said in sync. "Its not like that!" I yelled at them. "Ahh... now I remember. Taking my advice? I'll help you out~ " LJoe beamed. 
We left to the bank in no time. After I got a credit card, I decided to carry some cash. LJoe got a shock finding out how much it was...
"Over 30 million? Are you serious?" His jaw dropped.  "Hey, they use to be rich. Trust me... they saved a lot!" I yelled
"Well why are you only taking out 5 thousand?" He asked taking my money away. "Im not spending a whole bunch on a house. Im just buying an apartment and food, along with clothes." I stated. LJoe rolled his eyes "Thats not right. You should buy a house. And a car!" He grabbed my hand
"Hell no. I'll buy one when im ready." I stomped my foot. Me and LJoe started walking "Maybe we should go see your uncle... because your aunt." LJoe asked
"My uncle? " I asked getting annoyed. "Yeah... "
"My uncles part of the reason my aunt was so rude..." I truthfully said
"Nevermind then. Your not being around people that treat you like shit" LJoe said. "Are you incharge of me or something now?" I asked. LJoe squeezed my hand tighter "We are now dating." 
A smile slowly appeared on my face
"Really?" I asked with a cute tone. I didn't expect too sound like that but I was happy...
"Neh..." He smiled at me
"You are my boo..." LJoe said
"Yeah... and your my... baby" I smiled. It sounded abit weird... "You know, i'd rather call you babe." LJoe burst out laughing
"Hey, im serious!" I hit him. "Ahh, Jin why are you so mean today?" LJoe did abit of aegyo! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY FUDGE. OOOOH MY GOD.
I was in shock too even speak. I just stared and thought
LJoe grabbed my hand and we walked towards the city. Why are we coming here? 
We reached the city in no time and LJoe grabbed me inside this shop. Another couple store. LJoe pulled me into this room... what the heck!
"Where are we going?" I asked worried
"Come on." He beamed pulling me into this dark area. Suddenly LJoe opened a door and there was light inside. Thank god!
A man was standing there with alot of clothes behind him. 
"Ah! LJoe!" He yelled happy. LJoe chuckled "Hello Mister, so... is it ready?" he got straight to the point. "Yeah, it is.." he went to a backroom and pulled out something. ARE SERIOUS LJOE?!
"Thanks..." LJoe took the shirts from him. He handed me one. They were deep pink, with designs and had written on it:
She's    |      He's
My   ->  |  < - My
Pabo     |      Pabo
In the color black. "Change in the back." He ordered me. I was still silent, and I just listened.
I came out of the changing room and seen LJoe was wearing his already. Oh my god he changed out here? "Done? Lets go~ " He said and waved by to the guy. It was so cute! Good thing the weather wasn't cold... we walked out, AND we were so close! Our arms were around eachother ... oh my god... I feel really, really happy
"Jin-sshi... is it okay?" He asked. I nodded "Its amazing. Your wearing deep pink" LJoe chuckled and we walked around the city. People gave us stares
My stomach grumbled and I awkwardly held it. "Lets go eat..." LJoe said and we got near a food stand. "Annyeong~ " The women smiled at us
"Hello, how are you?" LJoe asked
"Great ~" she smiled and handed LJoe a plate of spicy rice cakes. I watched LJoe eat some and gave the women a thumbs up. She chuckled. LJoe suddenly handed me some. "Ahh" he opened his mouth
I smiled and opened mine. "Ahh" LJoe began teasing me... he pulled it away and chuckled. After he actually fed me I chewed and chewed "Nom..." I beamed
The women seemed happy. "What a lovely couple" 
"Thanks" LJoe seemed so happy right now! Ahhh .... I have to admit... im happy too
"Ahh" I opened my mouth. "Don't tease me anymore." I warned. LJoe started laughing and nodded "Arasso... say ahh" nom nom
"How much?" LJoe asked. After we ate, we walked around more...
LJoe suddenly smirked at me. "I like you.." 
I chuckled and brushed my nose againts his "I like you too..." 
"I like you!" He yelled causing attention. I chuckled and rolled my eyes "I like you Byunghun!" 
"Someone's abit happy about there love life." We heard Sundae. Me and LJoe turned around and seen her and the girls.
"AAAAAAAAAAH I NEED TO TALK TO YOU." Sundae came to me and stole me from LJoe
"Yah! I'm still with her at the moment. " He pulled me back
"well im her friend. I need to see her first." Sundae pulled my other arm.
"Not this again..." I frowned
"Shes mine!" "No she isn't!" They went on and on and on...
"Poor unnie..." Minhee said
"I like your couple t-shirts..." Mei Mei gave me a smile. I chuckled which sounded funny because I was getting pulled side to side! 
"Jin-sshi! Tell her! Your mine now not hers!" LJoe whinned and yanked me towards him
"Noooo way. We need her at the moment!" Sundae yanked me back to her
"CAP HANDLE HER" LJoe yelled. CAP? Teen Top and Infinite were watching! They're so mysterious... I can never tell when they come around.
CAP stole Sundae away while walking by us. "Yah. Shes mine now." LJoe pulled me away. 
"Hyunggie~ " Sungjong tugged onto LJoe's arm
"Sungjong not now..." LJoe said and kept me behind him. Why?! IS HE MY ACTUAL BODY GUARD?
"I like your shirts..." Sungjong poked LJoe
"THANK YOU" I beamed from behind LJoe
"Omo so cute" Sungjong eyesmiled. 
"Jin-sshi... lets go search for an apartment for you..." LJoe said
"Apartment?" Sungjong asked
"I need somewhere to stay..."
"Nooooo way." LJoe made a weird noise at the end
"Im just kidding" Sungjong said with a pout
"I'll see you later Sungjong..." I waved. He waved so happily as LJoe dragged me away
We walked around town searching for a good hotel, LJoe was really picky. "Thats too... not right." He said and pulled me around. Finally! a good one! 
"Heres a great one." LJoe pulled my inside. It was such a tall hotel...
After checking in, LJoe told me about how we would go back to go get some stuff from my house. Was this even a good idea? I wasn't so sure myself... We went to my house and there was tap all around! 
"Just walk right through it!" LJoe yelled and ducked under it while opening the door. I done the same thing and the smell in here was horrible! 
LJoe quickly went upstairs and entered my room. I stayed here and looked around... this place was really gross. I walked upstairs and LJoe sat on my bed. "Its the only good smelling place in this house..." 
"not really..." I opened my closet. LJoe left the room and I kept looking. All my clothes? Well of course dummy! I all of them on my bed and dug under nieth it. The dress Minhee got me was still here. I quickly searched around my room and threw everything on the bed.
Soon enough it was time to look in my drawer. I quickly got my old diary and dug in the rest. 
I started laughing at myself when I found an old drawing I made of me and my parents. But then it came to the photo album, I just threw it onto the bed without caring. LJoe got in the bedroom and he had boxes in his arms.
"Woah..." he got a shock
"Its not much... but its all I got." I said and pulled out the luggage from undernieth my bed
"Okay... lets pack~ " LJoe began helping me. 
I folding my clothes and put them in my luggage. It took about 5 minutes to find out LJoe was looking in my photo album! I grabbed it from him violently. He must've seen all the pictures! I glared at him and shoved it in a box. 
"Why the mean face?" LJoe asked
"You don't have the right to look in there!" I sat on the bed and crossed my arms. 
"Arasso..." LJoe started putting my stuff into the boxes. Now I feel mean... 
"LJoe-ah.." I grabbed his hand as he faced me.
"Im sorry. But you peeked in it without my permission." LJoe smiled "Its alright... I would yell at you if you done the same." He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and went back to packing
Once we were done, we took them too my apartment or room whatever you call it. LJoe was such a great help! I was impressed. "Okay, so... now we need to go to buy groceries." LJoe put the box down. 
"Yeah... Lets go. " I said and we left.


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