Sehun - Suzy


chapter 06                                                                                                                       O h   S e h u n


I don't need a man. I don't need a man. [What?]

I don't need a ma..



'yobosayo? Is anyone there?'


'Who is that?'

'umm, Annyoung Suzy shii. Taemin immida.' 

'Tae..Taemin oppa?' Did I just say 'oppa' ? Oh my god...What if he doesn't want me to call him that!?! Pabo Bae Sooji !!

'Dehh. Sorry for disturbing you but Sehun told me to call you and tell you that he will wait at the same place today so don't forget to go.'

'oh, Thank you Taemin shii.' 

'just call me oppa, suzy shii. I'm okay with it.'

'Really ? but if you want me to call you that...Can you just call me Sooji? I don't like it when someone call me Suzy shii except on shows'

'ok,Sooji. So you will go right?'

'I think so....oh wait! tell him to come after 8pm because i have a schedule at 4 and it will end at 8.'


'So that's it? anything else?'

'no...Thank you for picking up.'

'It's the way is this your real phone number?'

'of course it is! save it as 'my beloved oppa' Sooji ah...haha just kidding. I think I have to go...Call me later,ok?'

'oh...okay,oppa. Have a nice day!'

'Anyoung...Teed Teed Teed Teed' 


'My beloved oppa' ?? Haha such a cute oppa,huh? but why does Sehun have to make Taemin oppa to tell me? He can just text me and all... 



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Babo_0304 #2
Chapter 45: I don't know what u mean by "special chapter can change the final couple", but please make suzy and sehun end up together... :o

it'll be so sad ending if hunzy not going together... ;(

author-nim... Hunzy juseyoooong... :*

#i'm so sorry for my very bad english.. Author-nim fighting!!! ;)

hunzy! Hunzy! Hunzy! Hunzy! Hunzy! Hunzy! Hunzy! Hunzy!
skater #3
Chapter 45: Hunzy please.
ASueweetie4ever #4
Chapter 45: Markzy!!! I want them although JRzy wouldn't be bad as well. ;)
SxxxxS #5
Chapter 45: Exozy! Hunzy!
NinjaWarriorGirl #6
Chapter 45: MarkZy!!!!! JYPNATION visual couple <3!
meLOVEyou #7
Chapter 45: I still vote for MarkZy ;D they are more possible to ship wince they come from the same company...and during the recent got7 sukira, mark was so excited when ryeowook brought up suzy's topic..haha~ :P though actually i love any suzy pairings except myungzy..but please gotzy >,<
my_mich05 #8
Chapter 45: yes for this chapter even though mark only entered at the end it still make me giddy and hype coz he is the other one that makes suzy's heart beats faster..

i love gotzy and its more real for me than hunzy so i go for markzy haha..they have the more stronger connection in my opinion
Sarah1991 #9
Chapter 45: i like hunzy ^-^ but i love markzy a tiny bit more :3
wowwows #10
Hello writer :0
I really like your story. lol
Miss you
From. beautiful reader
momochan83 #11
Chapter 45: Ok I don't really mind who, but I did vote for Hunzy, my OTP ... This was very cute :)