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Curiosity Killed the Cat

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Donghae sees an explicit fanart of him and Hyukjae and es to it.



Curiosity Killed The Cat

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He keeps on scrolling, chuckling and laughing every now and then at their fans’ cute...

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SharlightArmy #1
Chapter 2: Very hot! O.O This was perfect omg
sarah32138 #2
Chapter 2: omg that was soooo freaking hot!!!!!!
Chapter 2: OMG! This is too hot … amazing!!
Noovanen #4
Chapter 2: Oh god this was awazing. So hot! I love your writing style! Keep writing things like this!
whitelf #5
Chapter 2: Wow.. that's too hot to handle >~<
Soooo awesome!!
gotasdemiel #6
Chapter 2: asidhsahdjksa i love it!! but Hyuk didn't asnwer the question about how many years he's been lusting Hae! ajkshjakd this was incredibly hot! I couldn't find the fanarts, but that doesn't quite matter, you describe them pretty well so i could imagine them :D
ma-jewelry #7
Chapter 2: this was sooooo hot! and so real it made me really excited. this gives the reason for all artists and writers to keep on writing and drawing- because what if they see it? xD the only thing is, i'm finding it a bit hard to find the mentioned artworks... can you provide a link maybe?
Sinbihae #8
Chapter 2: I love it!!
Thank you~
Sinbihae #9
Chapter 2: I love it!!
Thank you~
taopings #10
Chapter 2: this was really awesome! loved the idea!