Curiosity Killed the Cat

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Donghae sees an explicit fanart of him and Hyukjae and es to it.



Curiosity Killed The Cat

Pairing: Eunhae
Genre: PWP,
Rating: NC-17
Length: Twoshot (9,186 words)
Author's Note: 
I don't own anyone and if this is similar to any other fic/book/movie/story, it's purely a coincidence. n_n Please don't take out or plagiarize. Constructive criticisms are welcome, comments are not required but greatly appreciated. :3 
This fic is a gift to this for her 17th birthday. NC-17 for 17th birthday, yep. Also, the fanarts mentioned in this fic can't be posted here. The artists' rules include "do not take out" so if you'd like to see them, look for them in haepanda's blog and in kero's weibo (you'd need an account for weibo though) ^^ First time writing so please don't expect too much /o\ Enjoy? nn




He keeps on scrolling, chuckling and laughing every now and then at their fans’ cute comments, until his eyes land on a rather interesting picture. The image is small, Donghae needs to click on it in order to see it in full. He hesitates, thinking it can't possibly be what it seems. Out of curiosity, and the need to prove to himself that it really isn't what it looks like, Donghae clicks. And gets the biggest shock of his life.


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Kleedonghae #1
Chapter 1: Oh my!!! Hyukjae heard him!!!!!!!!!
This was sooo hot huhu
killer_ah #2
Chapter 2: Nice one^^ huhu(>~<) so hot hot hot and HOT!!! If its really happening in their real life /am i wrong\ WOAHHH!!!!!*Everyone will gonna be insane* good story author thanks 4 writing this story^^ and sharing ofc
TamagotchiHae #3
Chapter 2: WOW~ this fic really hot dear, seriously o_o but this is great dear, extremely great ^^ well done.. and thanks for sharing
therealkerpelli #4
Chapter 2: Can I just say YAAAAAAASSSSSSS?????? I'm so glad it wasn't just Donghae feeling all that. He would have been so frustrated. I'm glad that they were able to work through things together ;P
SharlightArmy #5
Chapter 2: Very hot! O.O This was perfect omg
sarah32138 #6
Chapter 2: omg that was soooo freaking hot!!!!!!
Chapter 2: OMG! This is too hot … amazing!!
Noovanen #8
Chapter 2: Oh god this was awazing. So hot! I love your writing style! Keep writing things like this!
whitelf #9
Chapter 2: Wow.. that's too hot to handle >~<
Soooo awesome!!
gotasdemiel #10
Chapter 2: asidhsahdjksa i love it!! but Hyuk didn't asnwer the question about how many years he's been lusting Hae! ajkshjakd this was incredibly hot! I couldn't find the fanarts, but that doesn't quite matter, you describe them pretty well so i could imagine them :D