Curiosity Killed the Cat


Donghae sees an explicit fanart of him and Hyukjae and es to it.



Curiosity Killed The Cat

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He keeps on scrolling, chuckling and laughing every now and then at their fans’ cute...

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Killerguppy #2
Chapter 2: God that was so hot and cute at the same time, how can Donghae be so adorable while ing? xD
cikicik #3
Chapter 2: Just wow!! Hahahahha
Haeisforme #4
Chapter 2: .............. *_*
mehyukcatchy #5
Chapter 2: Extremely love it
Lohiane #6
Chapter 2: awesome Loved it <3
heneunhae #7
Chapter 1: LOVE THIS ! *-*
moongrl #8
Chapter 2: I cannot deal with how much perfect is happening. My face could win the blush award of the year!!!! Hahaha I clearly need to step up my game ;)
Haellen15 #9
Chapter 2: myghaaaad.. those fanarts are really daebak.. sometimes it really helps a fangirls imagination.. thanks for writing this! its awesome.. lovely and hyukjae.. love love love .. ride me.. ahm..
ismary666 #10
Chapter 2: This is good, even we didn't know which fanart is his favorite, ejejjejeje.
lolojoe #11
Chapter 1: wooow amazing ♡♡