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Look! It's EXO-K's Facebook!


Catch EXO-K and other cameos in this fanfiction and see how hilarious they are while using Facebook for the first time!

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Title: Look! It's EXO-K's Facebook!
Characters: EXO-K
Genre:  Sitcom/Comedy
A/N: Hi there! It's Jungyeols. I am here to introduce my very first fanfiction! "Look!It's EXO-K's Facebook and Chatroom!" I honestly got inspired by dulcee for doing the SHINee facebook. Well, I can see a lot of EXO's fans, so I decided to make one. I hope you'll be enjoyed reading this. And please don't be too offended with my English as this is not a formal fanfiction.

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Pizzalover #1
Chapter 20: okay i read finish this... i laugh so hard ^___^
BrandNew #2
ohsky11 #3
Chapter 20: Haha Finisheeed! Thanks!
ohsky11 #4
Chapter 7: What is barbarbarbbararian? XD
ohsky11 #5
Chapter 6: Wow I love it XD
Flexujks #6
i love it. it was really awesome!!!!!!
EXO4ever123 #7
Chapter 6: Chanbaek and baekyeol moments everywhere
EXO4ever123 #8
Chapter 4: Hahaha I love the mama parody lyrics and Baekhyun is always so playful and they had bullied sehunnie! :( this is really funny especially when they play dress up games and such... Hahah
Monayasamigasa #9
Chapter 2: This is funny~ :D
Xiao_Lu365 #10
Chapter 4: Omg that mama song lol I couldn't help it I laughed XD Good Job :D