Look! It's EXO-K's Facebook!

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Catch EXO-K and other cameos in this fanfiction and see how hilarious they are while using Facebook for the first time!


Title: Look! It's EXO-K's Facebook!
Characters: EXO-K
Genre:  Sitcom/Comedy
A/N: Hi there! It's Jungyeols. I am here to introduce my very first fanfiction! "Look!It's EXO-K's Facebook and Chatroom!" I honestly got inspired by dulcee for doing the SHINee facebook. Well, I can see a lot of EXO's fans, so I decided to make one. I hope you'll be enjoyed reading this. And please don't be too offended with my English as this is not a formal fanfiction.

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Sharissa #1
Chapter 20: Mama parody is hillarious as hell hahahah
Maydayblabla #2
Chapter 2: This is hilarious !!! I love it . Thanks for writing this .
pandayouu #3
Woo this seems like an interesting idea! I'm going to read it :D
firengold #4
i like this fic!
aayeya #5
incredible fanfic. i recommend it to everyone <3
iipadd #6
great well written story
fatayaao #7
Chapter 1: I decided to read this fluff ekekekke. Gooo!
kpopexo05 #8
Chapter 2: Gone to the hospital.... LOLOLOLOLOLOL
jongdaehun #9
Chapter 20: that was hilarious! xD