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Chanhee was not the sweet, innocent person he portrayed in front of the camera. It was like he had two personalities; it was the sweet innocent boy “Chunji” and then it was the not-so-innocent AKA the real “Chanhee”.



I'm not sure if I shall call this a chaptered fic or a oneshot series. A mixture of the two, perhaps?

Well, this is the complete opposite of my other fanfic.. Like, completely different. This has , yes ... My first time writing . I'm not very good at it actually. And it's kind of embarrassing, writing makes me blush. 

This is inspired by Chunji's smile in No More Perfume On You. That smile is sinister.

Thank you, Soshistorm, for the lovely header ~

Anyways, I'll hope you'll enjoy!


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xmisscrayonx #1
Chapter 5: I hope u do more ChunJoe stories with bottom!Joe <3
very_ship_them #2
Chapter 5: Omg this is amazing I was smiling and giggling like an idiot XD <3
Chapter 5: This is so good. I always come back to it.
choi_syra #4
Chapter 5: awesome !! I love how you portrayed the characters. And I love ChunJoe too !

This story is so beautiful, thank you for writing this :)
AsianFanatic5 #5
Chapter 5: I've read this story literally more than 10 times already!!! I really enjoyed it, you have great writing skills!!! :D
mochimin #6
Chapter 5: I haven't read teen top fics in so long and this one just made me want to read more ahahaha i loved it!!^^
Chapter 5: ahh long time since i reread this & now that i made an account i had to comment ^^
it was one of my very first fics
so i can relate to what ^^nivis-casus said ^^
i rly loved the progress and the whole misunderstanding and minsoo scolding byunghun hahaha
it was srsly one of the best chunjoeee ..always will ^^
Please do more stories like this..chunji top ^^ with misunderstandings and frustration ^^
ZoyieTTAngel #8
Chapter 5: This was freaking amazing! I loved it and I wuv you author!
FumikoELF #9
Chapter 5: something with chunji on top. it's sooooo hard to find! i love u author <3
Nivis-Casus #10
Chapter 5: And... here I am rereading the story that got me into AFF and Chunjoe. I blame you for my current obsession. This is the only fic that I seem to reread over and over. kekeke. <3 Best fic evar.