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Ulzzang Gallery ! [ Yay.I finally updated]


We decided to Make an Ulzzang Photo Gallery For everyone to use ^^  *(We both really LOVE Ulzzangs)

~ yuno1234 & korean-fever62



If you're an Ulzzang Lover you have come to the right place !

~ We take Request ^^ Just tell us what is the name of the Ulzzang and we''ll go search up for her or him . ~

Basic Tips:

~ If you want to use the photos.   ''Right'' click then click '' Photo URL copy'' . 

~ and If you want to use some of the ulzzang Profile that was written there..You Can, Just comment there in box on who you want to use.^^ but please don't just use it without asking permission neh~ :'D  




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onlybts #1
Chapter 1: Kim Seuk Hye
seulhee96 #2
Chapter 1: lee ho sin aka riho
Luhanswife_ #3
Chapter 2: Lee Namsoo is following me on Kpop Boys Photoping. He's so cute but his taken. :$
yeolseri #4
Chapter 2: Park taejoon, lee namsoo, song chanho, jung jaehyun, min coon, and more got a real fb acc, and i’m friends with them lol. Unfortunately I wasnt able to add hyungseok. He got tons of friend requests. T.T
minsul1234 #5
Chapter 31: yyou know any ulzzang boy that look like a girl
Iluvkpop14 #6
Chapter 20: Song chan Ho has an acfual fb the real him and in friends with him eeeepppp!!!!!
marumero #7
haiii.. can you figure this girl out? who's her name? :D
thank you <3
pika-ninja #8
Chapter 31: http://data2.whicdn.com/images/81405764/large.jpg
Can you help me figure out who this is? \o/
thank you~
StrawberryElectric9 #9
Hi! Can you help figure out who this ulzzang is?
Thank you! :D
luhanblowinsehun #10
Chapter 2: Can you help me figure out who this is?