SNSD's slave


HII ok sooo this is a ! for snsd slave  (its a girls soo its a yuri!) and yea so bye oh and i at writing s but this is just for tryingg



Name: Vanessa park

NickName: Nessa

Age: 19

Born: America

Personaitly: kind y and pretty much a

Nessa always wears short skits bras if needed (also underwear) and always gets guys and girls




Members: Taeyon Tiffany Sooyoung Seohyun Yoona Jessica Yuri Sunny Hyoyeon 


Loves also does it with anyone 






They decided to hold auditons for a new trainee but really it was a slave she tried out and got the job but she dint know she is the new slave when she did it was the greatest day of her life


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Va_asianloverz #1
update soon
babyjune11 #2
The girls just by this...
Update soon kay??
220miyoung #3
sounds interesting :3 update soon please :D