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같이 있어줘 (Stay With Me)


Come on, baby. Come home… Where are you…?

He paced around the empty living room. He’s been doing it for over an hour, pausing every now and then. He was restless, uneasy, worried… desperate. Desperate to see her. Desperate to hear from her. Desperate for something… anything. He stopped abruptly in front of the wall that had a frame with their picture on it. He placed both his palms against the wall on either side of the picture as he studied their smiling faces. He can still remember clearly the day that picture was taken.


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leesica #1
Chapter 1: Hoohhh i would punch jay for cheating. I couldnt take it by any chance as i hate it so much.fuhh... Pls make a sequel.kekeke.
ace123 #2
Chapter 1: damnnnn thankkk so good ~~
KpopSnsdFxFan #3
Omg this is such a good one shot ! I wish it turned into a sequel !!! It would of been more nicer !!! :))
sssssas #4
Well written :) I Like it. Please write more fics ^^
--YatLuvG #5
Pick Up time~
--YatLuvG #6
Pick Up time! ^^
Krysia #7
really nice :) its beautifully written! ^^ write more fics please! :)
tuyagold #8
Wow! Love it! It's really well written.It's beautiful. Emotions! OMG! Jaysica fan here.
merna8 #9
I love this story <3
Even though we could think of any couple but it really suits jaysica! :D
It was amazing! :)
rosius #10
this was so sad but the way the emotions were put into words it was really amazing!
i love Jay wayy too much to think he's a cheating bastard =P
though this story was really great xx